ATLAS Theory of Creation: Ancient-Earth Creationism via Mo’edim Paradigm

12 Divine Days to 12,000 Divine Years
(routinely updated article, last 2/1/17, 8/19/17)


By explaining New Genesis and Prophetic Genesis theories in prior MOTS articles, I set forth a timeframe from Genesis to the coming age of Messiah that ATLAS Theory must follow. ATLAS Theory must be able to explain an ancient-Earth creation model under a construct of 12,000 years, with two parallel histories of 6 millennial days. This predetermined age of 12,000 years is from the beginning of the Holocene (“entirely new”) and Mesolithic people, with six millennial days of God’s renewal (a.k.a the creation days) followed by six millennial days that the Genesis days foreshadowed in biblical symbolism.
This concept of longer, Divine days is supported by Genesis: These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day the YHVH God made the earth and the heavens (emp. mine). Thus, ATLAS Theory must consider Divine boundaries with 12 days that are somehow longer than 24 hours each. Yet, doing so  presents a conundrum because the Aleph Key (i.e., 1 day to God equals 1,000 years) is the only scriptural key granted readers for determining His Divine days. Hence, this key must be utilized again for any ancient-Earth theory with a correlating boundary of time set on secular governments (twelve days according to the number of Jacob’s sons, see Deut. 32). This pattern cannot be broken without losing its biblical foundation and precedence.
Approaching New Day, PDI
Approaching New Day, PDI

The Hebrew night of 12 hours is followed by 12 hours of the Hebrew day, which forms a division for prophetic implications as well as corporeal timekeeping. Together both day and night can be called a full “day” because the light overcomes the darkness in one rotation of the planet. The morning was; the evening was; and together the two halves were a day. For this theory, however, we will focus only on the 12-hour Hebrew day.

When twelve millennial days are complete since the Divine restoration of southern Mesopotamia (i.e., God creating a paradise region), it will also finish a division between the “children of Day” and the “children of Night,” although they both come from one predetermined age and history. For this reason, the twelve tribes of Israel are numbered at 12,000 each in Revelation, pointing us to the end of the age (one of many “sign of the times”). Again, one age of twelve millenniums is divided for two peoples before the millennium of Messiah, and biblical times profess this completion that has parallels of time in nature, such as twelve months in the year and twelve hours in a biblical day.  

Thus, the concept of 12 very long days of works, with the sixth days of the Genesis creation doubled for two exegeses (one theory of restoration and one with the six days prophetic of history), is the pattern ATLAS must follow. Yet, 12 days of an ancient-world theory of biblical creation must consist of much longer days than twenty-four hours or even millenniums to fit the history of a planet that is approaching 4.6 billion years old. This may at first appear impossible, but, as we shall see, indeed it is not. 

The Framework For All Biblical Millenniums
Framework For All Biblical Millenniums, IM

Before getting into how the Aleph Key fits with an ancient Earth, we should take a closer look at the meaning of a “day.” The Hebrew word for “day” in Scriptures is yom. In some passages yom pertains to a 24-hour-period while in others it clearly does not; rather, the word often alludes to a lengthier period of time.

Hence, the entire Genesis creation account is summed-up as: “in the day that the LORD God created them,” which, if only figurative, would be equivalent to us saying, ‘Back in the day, we used to dance together.’ The reader is left with the liberty of interpreting yom by the context and their subjective comprehension thereof.

Whether we conclude that “in the day” was mere figurative wording or a clue for long eons, what we do know by the context is that the word cannot mean 24-hours. How so? Generations cannot fit within a literal day of measurement, no matter how one interprets or twists the passage to fit the young-Earth theological worldview- not a mortal day.

To solve the mystery of the 12,000-year boundary (6 days of God’s creative work plus 6 days of our historical works) for the longer days of an ancient creation, we must take another look at the Key of Knowledge (below). When we do, we find that the Hebrew “Aleph Key” does not turn but one direction to unlock doors of timely revelations. Consider Peter’s admonition once again, which connects the beginning of creation and the coming of the Messiah with the millennial key and the Word of God:
Beloved, I [Peter] now write this second epistle to you, in which by reminder I stir up your sincere mind to remember the words having been spoken before by the holy prophets, and the command of the Lord and Savior- by us, the apostles; first, knowing this, that during the last days scoffers will come, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep [ancients died], all things continue this way from the beginning of creation.” For this is hidden from them by their willing it so, that heavens were of old [ancient times], and earth by water, and through water, being held together by the word [laws, commandments] of God, through which the world that then was, being flooded by water, perished [passed away]. But the heavens and the earth now, having been stored up by the same word, are being kept for fire to a day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. But let not this one thing be hidden from you, beloved, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (2 Pet. 3:1-8) TIB; quotations added; intrpl. & emp. mine
I used the TIB version that translates the Greek Text more literally into English so that the word lanthano would be expressed as “hidden” in the passage. Words like “ignorant” in the KJV and “forget” in the NKJV do not bring out that this word means purposely unwitting of things that lie hidden– hidden in the Divine Word. This is important because Peter, who was given the instructive keys of the coming Kingdom of Heaven, pleaded that this one thing not be ignored nor forgotten by the elect.
Yet many Christians and Messianic Jews have done just that; they have purposively ignored the millennial key as if it is but a figurative message, suitable for scanning over. In doing so, they have not properly interpreted the six creation days as six thousand years of Divine restoration for southern Mesopotamia (i.e., creating a paradise region) and how those six millennial days serve as prophetic symbolism for six following millenniums, bringing the appointed times until Christ to 12,000 years. Further, lack of comprehension of these things has blinded them to how the entire 12,000 years of recent history correlate to God’s 12,000 in an ancient creation, whereas Genesis creation can again be interpreted alongside corporeal and empirical evidences of science.
What Peter was explaining is that in the last days of our millennial week, doubters who do not perceive these hidden things would scoff at biblical creation, ancient flooding, and the coming Apocalypse, which are correlated by Divine days. Scoffers (e.g., atheists, materialist paleoanthropologists) look at the remains of ancients and claim that all things have continued in unguided processes of nature since the formation of the world (uniformitarian principle), and that the creation account in Genesis, and the coming of Christ (beginning and end), cannot be trusted by scientifically-minded people. What Peter explains is that there are hidden truths about millennial days that will fly in the face of uniformitarian scoffers- those who do not understand the Divine signs of the times.
Consider what Peter actually disclosed: (1) a day (24 hours) to the Lord is as 1,000 years, and (2) 1,000 years are as one day (24 hours) to God. In the previous articles, we interpreted Genesis with each of God’s days as only 1,000 of our years, bringing us twice to 6,000 years (see New Genesis Theory and Prophetic Genesis Theory). In ATLAS Theory we must reverse the key, where one of our days is 1,000 years to God. Thus, if we take the appointed pattern of 12,000 total years before the Great Sabbath of the Christ King, with each day within them consisting of 1,000 years, we come to an ancient date for the beginning of God’s works on Earth.
Just as Peter turned the key both ways, so do we. The Aleph Key of 1 becoming 1,000 does not turn but one direction; it turns a Divine day, as in Genesis, to our millennium, and each day within the twelve total millenniums becomes a millennium. It allows for one of our days to become 1,000 years to God. How can this be? Time dilation is perception based upon the view of the perceiver. God, who is highest above us, is also present at will at the smallest of particles. So His days can be greater than ours, and He can measure our days as much greater than His own.
God gives believers the actual length of years for all His works on ancient Earth, and an outline of the works within billions of years. In fact, I have already disclosed it to readers by Scripture, for those who have discerned it in the 12,000 years (boundary on the nations from beginning to the end of the age) and by what I have thus far explained of the Aleph Key. Nevertheless, I will now make it so plain and simple that a child can conceive of it while playing an online game on his or her I-pad, while jumping rope (as if kids still jump rope), and where an accountant can check the numbers in his or her mind while strolling on a coffee break and taking selfies for his or her Facebook profile. 
I, your humble scribe, have repeatedly established with Scriptures that a millennium is a day to the Lord (cf. Ps. 90:4; 2 Pet. 3:8). After that, I established that our workweeks and Sabbaths are but shadows of God’s, as proclaimed in Scripture (see Ex. 31:13; Col. 2:16-17). Therefore, a week for God is 7,000 years for us, as the ancients of the faith taught, both in early Judaism and early Christianity (before Origen and Augustine). If a week to God is 7,000 years for us, then a year to God (7,000 x 52.1775 weeks) must be about 365,242.5 years to us (i.e., with the international standard Gregorian civil calendar).
Therefore, all we must do is take the 12,000 literal years that were set as a boundary from Genesis’ beginning until Messiah comes, turn the key the other way, and multiply it by 365,242.5, and we come to 4,382,910,000 years. So around 4.38291 Ga, God began His sequential works on Earth, as summarized in the Genesis creation account. Thus, 12,000 years to God is well over 4 billion years to us, and 12,000 years is the pattern that He gave us for creation plus the predetermined, biblical history of mankind from Adam to the Great Sabbath. Each of the twelve periods equal 365,242,500 years to us. In other words, 4.38291 billion years for us is simply 12,000 years in the sight of God, according to His own standard of measurement. By showing 12,000 years from the Genesis beginning to the end of the secular age, God has revealed the very beginning of His works on the planet- the ancient-Earth of His creations.
God Forming Earth, PDI
God Forming Earth, PDI

Some readers might then ask, ‘Is not the earth about 4.54 billion years old? Why start your Genesis days at 4.38 Ga?’

The answer is very simple: There was a period of creation that we should consider for Earth’s tumultuous, early formation, which began almost 4.6 Gya, and then we need a period of cooling down that allowed for an ocean for His Spirit to hover over, as written in Genesis 1:2.

Our world was likely created through its molten crust emerging from an acidic ocean that covered Earth, so we believe that the first works could not have begun during the Hadean (i.e., “Hell-like”) formation. God hovered over an ocean in a dark world, which means that the sphere had been shaped by the time He began forming its early geological features and doing the works that lead to creating life. Further, in the first sentence of Genesis, God had already created “the heavens and the earth,” so the six sequential days (that we must double for our exegesis) did not begin until He could form landmass out of the primordial ocean. A fiery planet had to first be readied for a hydrosphere, and then came the works.   

It can be convincingly argued that I should not use a Gregorian year or one that is not a perfect tropical year. The problem with that, however, is that there are no perfect tropical years or perfect years measured by vernal equinox, for the years are not exactly the same length of time from year to year over vast ages- even when we average them by Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice. One may use my formula and come to 4.382,906,39 E15, while another comes to 4,382,906,640 years, etc.
I believe the Lord has led me to take the most widely utilized and accepted calendar in the world to confess the time of His arrival- that He knew all things in advance and has so meticulously set things in place for such a purpose. He knew that this number would be reached and what it would confess.  
(NB: ATLAS does not consider lunar or lunisolar calendar systems, or any of the mythical calendars of ancient peoples or those still in service today. In Genesis 1:14 God mentions “signs, seasons, days, and years,” and all things are to be measured by the sign of the Messiah- the Sun of Righteousness. Scriptures point to Messiah being the Standard for all measurements and ages, and for end-times. There is no shadow of turning with the Lord (see James 1:11, 17). Various lengths of years exist, even 360-day-years in Scriptures, but paralleling the works of God with science should use the most accurate and widely known solar calendar. The Hebrew calendar is based upon lunisolar calculations of clerical usage rather than tropical years used in biblical, agricultural seasons. Today it is deficient by over two centuries, and it does not align with the Old Covenant years of Scripture; I know because I have added them multiple times. I do not write this to diminish clerical Judaism, but to help bring understanding to Jews who read this book and believe that their calendar system gives them the proper years from Genesis to 5,775. Their lunisolar years range between 353-355 days with a 13th month- another Adar- added on leap years, bringing leap years to 383-385 days. This is not a perfect, annual agriculture calendar, and it could not have been utilized for appointed agricultural feasts of old. These lunar years are not scriptural years but are credited to the sage Hillel 2nd- influenced by the months that were observed to during the Babylonian captivity. Readers are encouraged to research this further.)
To reiterate on the formula for the beginning of God’s works on Earth, what I did was take the six days of creation and explain that under Divine measurements those days were actually six thousand years, forming the garden paradise. Then I explained that we, since the time of Adam, are to work six thousand more years before the messianic millennium: the Great Sabbath. I asserted that the boundary of secular rule by nations of the world is set according to the number of the children of Israel/Jacob’s twelve sons and daughter (13th millennial day) named Dinah/Judgment (see Deut. 32:7-9; Rev. 7:3-8). I then explained that Israel’s twelve sons represent 12,000 years. I explained that a boundary of 1,000 years (one day) was placed on all mortal lives as punishment for the trespass in the Garden of Eden (i.e., that they would die within the Divine day that they ate of the fruit).
Once I had thoroughly explained these twelve thousand human years, from Genesis to the Great Sabbath, I calculated how many of our years would be equivalent to 12,000 Divine years, which are under His measurement of 1 day as 1,000 years. I then concluded that 12,000 years to God would be approximately 4.38 billion years to us. From there I was able to go back to 4.38291 Ga and divide the appointed times into 12 great ages to compare the Genesis creation massages to geochronologists’ conclusions.
I feel justified by Scriptures to offer this formula, as well as by science. God can move faster than light in a vacuum and can be present on an atom, so the principle of time dilation justifies my claim that His measurements of time need not be our own. So, thanks to God and all the prophets and apostles, and even Einstein, I believe we can now go back into the deepest reaches of time on ancient Earth to fill the silhouette provided to us by science with the personal God of Scripture. In ATLAS Theory we will take a panoramic look at Genesis under this framework of time, and from there we will find that God personally rules the universe, not materialist chance.

“You believe in a God who plays dice,” Einstein wrote to Born, “and I in complete law and order in a world which objectively exists and which I, in a wildly speculative way, am trying to capture. I firmly believe, but I hope that someone will discover a more realistic way or rather a more tangible basis than it has been my lot to find.”

What was Albert Einstein expressing? He despised that his Theory of Relativity was being hijacked and shaped by academia and progressive media into moral relativism and universal lawlessness. He clearly did not believe that his discoveries gave a license to the godless belief of random chaos and universal anarchy.
Paul Johnson summed-it-up nicely in his book Modern Times (1983): “In the 1920s he found the indeterminacy principle of quantum mechanics not only unacceptable but abhorrent. For the rest of his life until his death in 1955 he sought to refute it by trying to anchor physics in a unified field theory.” In other words, Einstein believed that beyond what appeared to be the casting-off of universal order and Divine absolutes, there was still godly order and reasoning behind all things; it was simply waiting to be discovered. Someday, he concluded, it would be, but according to Johnson he went to his grave troubled over these things.
Perhaps if the famous scientist would have taken Scriptures seriously and looked to a God who personally reveals His truths, rather than take an agnostic view of God, he would have discerned that all things (even time) serve to confess Him.
Hence I say, fear not Mr. Einstein, and be at peace wherever you may be. Be not dismayed wherever you may lay. For the sword of God’s Word has been unsheathed to battle forever, even when in glory it radiantly rests. All things will be laid bare by the Divine line of measure; every tongue of this world shall confess. From a distance there approaches a shining Light; it is the Lord Messiah! And in plain sight there encroaches a stirring storm; it is His Blade! From the outward bounds of the universe; through the utmost stars of distant galaxies; unto the everlasting hills of Zion; the Redeemer of our glorious God traverses the heavens in triumph, and He returns with the clouds for His saved. Tell me who may sit so stern in His sight? And inform me who may stand so bold at His Blade? Who shall think so morally relative that they lie on? And who can deceive with weak science to halt the Law of our Lion? For the Law shall come forth out of Zion, and not be constrained to national borders. His people will be called from four corners, and all the nations will pay heed to His personal order.
So we raise our toasts to you, at least on this, Mr. Einstein: that you believed, even if it was but to the outward bounds. Yet, the Lord does indeed play dice, dear sir, in His own peculiar way. And the Lord does roll to win, personal and for keeps, if you allow me to tell how He plays: The double dice of the Lord have sides for six numbers, and He knows exactly where each and every number as He casts will fall. At the most there are twelve; at the least there is twine; and at twelve, the twine will cause them to answer His call. The double edge of His Sword cuts with thunder, and it is whet for the wailing or warning of all. It knows precisely where to turn, concisely where to burn, and it knows all the facts of His natural laws. The single die of our God is summed by adding six numbers, and 21 is the number of His Day; and if He rolls His die, there can be no surprise, for there is no sword as sharp as His Blade. Thus, rest in peace until the day you are raised, and to our personal God you give praise, for His soldiers of light come forth to proclaim that there is no gamble- not for those yet awaiting His Day.
Of 4,382,910,000 years, many things concerning Messiah naturally come to my mind. The number 4 is the Lord’s first coming with the Gospel at the end of the 4th millennial day from Adam, and it is rightfully placed first because all of the prophets awaited His first coming. Number 4 is the entrance, the Daleth, meaning door. The number 3 is the millennial day in which He returns since the cross of the 4th day (i.e., after 2,000 yrs, see Hos. 6:1-3), which leads us into the Great Sabbath (7th day, but 21st in the paradigm). Three is appropriately placed second in important numbers for our times; it fits His second coming. Number 3 also expresses the unity of the gathered elect- the Gimel– who are the burden-carriers. The number 8 is the final millennial day in which all Scriptures are completed after the Great Sabbath, at the Great White Throne Judgment (Shemini Atzereth); it is rightly placed third in line for important millennial days. Number 8 is the destruction- the Heth– when the penalty is enforced, yet a new beginning comes for the Household of God. The number 2 represents God’s division between all people into two groups during this Shemini Atzereth judgment (8th Day Assembly), between the sheep and the goats on the right and left. All people will be separated at the final judgment on the 8th millennial day. Those who are not found in the Book of Life will be cast into what is called “the Second Death.” All Scriptures are sealed and complete at that time, which is the 22nd day in the Moedim Paradigm. Number 2 is the Temple- the Beth– the House that is swept clean for a new beginning. These numbers and their Hebrew meanings perfectly fit with the full work of redemption from the time of the cross- the Door- to the final perfection of the Temple of Living Stones on the 8th millennial day from Adam.  
Yet before such judgment comes, God will send two witnesses to two peoples, who have two covenants, with both confessing the second arrival of Messiah. They will preach where currently Jerusalem is parted into two, old city and new, which will become completely one for the two peoples of Old and New Covenants, who will become one in Israel. The number 9 is when these things are revealed in Jerusalem by them, before the 10th millennial day of Israel’s national atonement in the paradigm. Number 9 is the gathering- the Teth– that is swept clean of corruption. The last number is 1, for both people will become one for one Lord before that 10th day in the paradigm is complete. Number 1 is the key- the Aleph- that is the first and head and beginning and end. Thus, all these numbers confess a numerical order for the full plan of God.
The peculiar thing is that the number goes all the way to the Great White Throne Judgment of the 8th day, then backtracks to the work of the 2 witness on the 9th millennial day (in terms of Israel), as if showing a way of exemption from the G.W.T.J. and the 2nd Death. The answer to this comes in the number 1; those who are made one in Messiah’s truths will reign with Him during the Sabbath; the 2nd Death of the G.W.T.J., when the 8th millennial day comes, has no power over them (see Rev. 20:6).
4,382,910,000 is the number of the One at the beginning and the end. If we removed the two numbers that appear out of sequence in the numerical order, and do not consider the GWTJ and coming work of the witnesses in Israel, we simply find the countdown since the cross of Christ to the end of the work of redemption…4…3…2…1…0. If we turn and look for a sequence from end to beginning, keeping the numerical pattern, we find when the end work is complete…10…9…8. These patterns seem like a countdown from two different directions colliding. If we join the two sequences together, we can easily fill in the missing numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Ten is an important biblical number for atonement, but interesting is the skip from the 4th day to the 8th day, like the cross to the G.W.T.J.
When we add the pairs in order, we find them pointing to seven and ten: 4+3=7; 8+2=10; 9+1=10. And 10,000 is revealed at the end. If there is meaning behind this number, why are 7, 10, and 10 important to us? The Lord Messiah comes on the 7th millennial day (Great Sabbath), which is 10th in relation to Israel (see Moedim Paradigm). Christ first came on the 10th millennial day, 7th in relation to Judea, which was at 10,000 years from the beginning of the Genesis account (6,000 + 4,000 years). All who are joined as 1 in Christ will have part in the 10,000, which was when the Lamb of God was sacrificed at the cross, witnessed by Jews selecting the Passover lambs on the 10th day and by the 10th day atonement or Yom Kippur. As the first number 4 (4,000) witnesses to the cross, so does the last number 10 (10000).
Perhaps a better number could not have been given to confess the sum of the Creator’s redemptive works for our age: 4,382,910,000. The number catches me at the door with number four, and perfectly leads me back to the cross at ten thousand.
Also, if we take the first and last numbers, adding them and working our way to the center, we have 4+10=14; 3+9=12; and 8+2=10, and this 14…12…10…shows the finished work of the Lamb’s redemption on the 14th; the boundary set at the end of the 12th day, when the Bride enters; and the cross of the 10th day as the means of the redemption. But if we do the opposite and subtract we have 10-4=6; 9-3=6; and 8-2=6, and 666 is opposed to all of God’s redemptive works. So these things the enemy seeks to hide: (1) cross at 10,000 years, (2) boundary at 12,000 years, and (3) the completion of the works at 14,000 years. See the Moedim Paradigm to understand the full, literal 14,000 years.
Honestly, I do not expect anyone to reach the same conclusions of what this great number of years means, for it is open to our subjective interpretations. As for me, I know that God loves giving us mysteries and riddles to search out, and thus I offer thoughts that come to mind. But what we do know is that a key of Divine time has been given us, with boundaries on the nations before the Messiah takes His inheritance in Israel. We know that if God granted us twelve millennial days to contemplate from the beginning of the Genesis account to the end of the age of ruling elites, it somehow corresponds to the actual beginning of creation. After much study of Scriptures, I believe that there are reasons behind all things that God discloses, and for me the reason that God directs us to 12,000 years of civilizations is because it must mirror 12,000 Divine years from the very beginning of creation. 
Doomsday Clock of Fiery Refinement and a New Day, PDI
Doomsday Clock of Fiery Refinement and a New Day, PDI

Can Bible-believers learn God’s preappointed times and patterns from Scriptures? When Prophet Daniel sought when God would release Jews from Babylonian captivity, he “understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the LORD through Jeremiah the prophet, that He would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.” (See NKJV Dan. 9:2.)

Behind all the numbers in Scriptures are deeper meanings that must be searched out for us to discern God’s works. But, as Prophet Isaiah asked, “Who among you will give ear to this? Who will listen and hear for the time to come?” (See NKJV Isa. 42:23.)

Indeed, there is nothing to fear in trusting that searching God’s Word will yield abundant revelations. If we believe that the Lord has numbered the hairs on our heads and the sands of the seas, we should find it of little surprise that His Word confesses the preappointed times. Contrary to popular religious opinion, God is very much the Lord of time and gives us signs of the times, if we will only make like Daniel and study His books.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your thoughts. For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, and do not return there, but water the earth, and make it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” (Isa. 55:8-11) NKJV
Late Heavy Bombardment, PDI
Late Heavy Bombardment, PDI

Moving on, the secondary atmosphere via early rocks bombarding the early planet likely brought the darkness described in Genesis, where dust, debris, and Co2 from volcanic outgassing enveloped the earth.

So it makes sense that the first thing God did in this day was command light. The Spirit hovered over the dark ocean and God’s command suggests that light was needed for His works associated with the primordial ocean. Perhaps two things could be accomplished with one command: 1) the secondary atmosphere needed to be depleted for one that could eventually sustain life, and 2) with the atmosphere cleared for light, the young sun could then warm the surface and begin evaporating ocean water for a new atmosphere. With the sun penetrating the atmosphere, days and nights could be perceived. The sinking particles would accumulate on the newly forming crust of the Earth as the chemical composition of the ocean was transformed.   

What is interesting is that as science comes-of-age, its discoveries further validate the Genesis account. The Genesis description of water on Earth at the time that God began His works was mocked for generations by the majority of the science community, but water traces in recent years from the aforementioned zircon crystals, by ion microprobe, has forced many of them to rethink their own misconceptions about the early planet. Zircon crystals evidentially formed in the early ocean, which was a great surprise and embarrassment for many scientists. Moreover, the Hadean age was long-thought to be a fiery hell on Earth that lasted long into the age I currently posit for the beginning of Genesis works, but now we know it was a much shorter period of time.
Erathemic Day 1 
(4,382,910,000 Ga – 4,017,667,500 Ga)
The earth was without form, and void [empty]; and darkness was on the face of the deep [early ocean]. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day. (Gen. 1:2-5) NKJV; intrpl. mine
The reality of an earlier hydrosphere is now commonly accepted, especially as some of the exoplanets and moons now exhibit similar conditions. Sadly, many former Bible-believers fell away from the faith because of that one anomaly between speculative science and the Scriptures. But Scripture has once again won the day via facts debunking speculations.
We cannot expect Bible critics to apologize for their mockery of Genesis– of its early ocean- seeing that they have historically neglected to do so as other biblical truths have come to scientific acceptance (e.g., a beginning of the universe), but we can learn to assure people of biblical faith not to judge hastily without all the facts. Jumping to premature conclusions of biblical errors of commission, based upon misconceptions of researching scientists, is a common but unnecessary flaw of secularly-sensitive theists. Vestigial organs, TOLs, and paths of macroevolutionary development are consistently debunked as greater facts come to light, and there are never apologies on the part of scientists, although many concessions come from apologizing theists who are ever-intimidated by their new postulations. Bible-believers must perceive that evolutionists promote their worldview like a religion, and we should strengthen weaker brothers and sisters of the faith rather than overly heeding tales told by devout materialists.
Spirit of God Hovering Over the Deep, PDI
Spirit of God Hovering Over the Deep, PDI

With an oceanic planet c. 4.38 Ga and the Hadean eon not being so “Hell-like” for the first 500 million years, we can begin to look at the first era-day on Earth with a God’s eye view in Genesis: In the first superday we are compelled to consider that 1) the toxic pre-atmosphere was clearing-up for sunlight to shine through; 2) there was a moon, evident per lunar radiometric dating, created before this eon, which helped Earth develop a steady rotation on its axis for days and nights; 3) there was a primordial ocean or a hydrosphere, supported by Scripture and scientific discovery; 4) continents had not yet taken form, fitting Scriptures and geological conclusions; and 5) the world was void of any kind of life, supported by Scripture and most scientists. All these conclusions are both scientifically and scripturally compatible, although there remains much disagreement on the details of planet formation and the origin of Earth’s ocean.

Not only does the first era-day of Genesis correlate with scientific data and recent conclusions, but the Bible may offer us a brief depiction of Earth just before God began His 1st day’s works, which fits the Hadean postulation of a fiery, volatile pre-crustal planet, which began to harden. Not much more can be gleaned from the short Genesis summary of the first panoramic day, but Jeremiah’s descriptions of Judea’s troubles offer us a glimpse into what the pre-works Earth looked like. We can envision smoldering rocks, sharp clefts, and lava hills emerging and submerging in a violent, molten and black landscape: “I beheld the earth, and indeed it was without form, and void; and the heavens, they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and indeed they trembled, and all the hills moved back and forth” (cf. Jer. 4:23-24, NKJV). Jeremiah’s description suggests some sort of Hadean age of a rocky tumult and trembling surface before God’s first day of work, although his entire depiction does not match Genesis– as it relates to Israel’s plight; but hills moving back in a darkened world suggests an age before an early ocean covered the planet. In fact, the Bible records that there was an ocean-free Earth before Day One.
Besides the trembling, mountainous clefts and rolling hills, does the Bible actually reveal pre-scientific knowledge of a fiery outer core of the Earth or molten mantle, or such geological conditions that form volcanic mountains and the layering of Earth? The answer we find in Scripture is yes. We perceive that the Creator knew what the planet is composed of.
As for the earth, from it comes bread, but underneath it is turned up as by fire; its stones are the source of sapphires, and it contains gold dust. That path [migrations] no bird knows, nor has the falcon’s eye seen it [darkened atmosphere]. The proud lions have not trodden it, nor has the fierce lion passed over it [walked on the surface of it]. He puts his hands on flint [granite]; He overturns the mountains at the roots [at the lowest parts]. He cuts out channels in the rocks [magna, lava streams], and his eye sees every precious thing [material]. He damns up the streams from trickling; what is hidden [beneath the earth] he brings to light. (Job 28:5-11) NKJV; intrpl. mine
When God expressed His anger that could be aroused against a generation of idolatry and perverseness in Israel, He said He would have destroyed their memory from the Earth, except nations would not have understood, but blaspheme His promises. Yet in the description, we easily perceive that the world beneath was described as a fiery hades that was associated with layering or foundations of the mountains:
“And He said, ‘I will hide My face [identity] from them, I will see what their end will be. For they are a perverse generation, children in whom is no faith [belief]. They have provoked Me to jealously by what is not God; they have moved Me to anger by their foolish idols. But I will provoke them to jealousy by those who are not a nation [Christianity]; I will move them to anger by a foolish nation. For a fire is kindled in My anger, and shall burn to the lowest hell [Sheol/Hades]; it shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations [layering] of the mountains.’” (Deut. 32:20-22) NKJV; intrpl. mine
The idea of fiery layers or foundations of the earth are not new to the world, via geological comprehension, but rather has been known for millennia via God’s Word. Another verse of the Apocalypse, Rev. 6:14, depicts a fiery age when “every mountain and island was moved out of its place,” speaking of a cataclysm coming to the world in the near future. The point being made is that God, who created Earth, is not ignorant of the natural processes He put into place. We only find brief passages that we can compare to scientific conclusions, but when they are found they express God’s knowledge of Earth prior to our scientific age. They express natural processes, but as utilized by God as He pleases- not an absentee God who is removed from the creation or creative processes.   
Recapping, water was on the planet 4.38291 billion years ago when the Lord began His sequential works, which is now confirmed by science. Researchers have asserted that there was also a presence of oxygen in the pre-atmosphere, evidenced to date back to around 4 billion years, which would be in this day or early in the next. Likewise, the moon is known to be over 4 billion years old, usually said to be around 4.4 billion years old, forming just before this first superday, which assisted in the stability of Earth. These things lead me to believe that a fundamental transformation took place on Earth during this erathem, and simply making light appear and dividing days from nights was actually a pretty big job. Thus, some of the following claims can be investigated for greater insight:

  1. The Spirit of God came to Earth c. 4.38 Ga.
  2. The planet (or perhaps a hemisphere) without rotation on its axis, was enclosed in darkness c. 4.38 Ga.
  3. Division of days and nights either began with rotation or were perceivable via atmospheric clearing from 4.38 Ga and 4.01 Ga.
  4. A primordial ocean existed on Earth by 4.38 Ga.
  5. No continents or landmasses had formed by c. 4.38 Ga.
  6. Earth was void of all forms of life c. 4.38 Ga.
These are positive and negative claims granted under the biblical paradigm of appointed times, rather than a “God in the gaps” theory that consists solely upon rebutting contemporary scientific conclusions via current unknowns. Indeed, some of these claims are falsifiable, although discrediting them may mean debunking claims celebrated by the science community. If Genesis Day One does correlate 100% with contemporary consensus on relevant available facts, then this theory has thus far earned 1/12 consideration in the mainstream sciences, challenging the currently imposed superficial unipolarity of materialism, which excludes ID science and creationism under the smug premise of a false dichotomy.
This completes the Genesis summary of the first Divine day of creation, but we still have eleven more days to correlate several biblical clues with empirical facts. Although historical sciences are not expected to prove 100% of their theories or hypotheses, the bar is set much higher for those of us who dare to believe in God and that He has left us a tenable record of His works. Disciplines such as theoretical cosmology often employ some form of Bayesian reasoning for their hypotheses and theories, but this work will offer falsifiable correlations. The materialist norm of protecting material determinism, via enforcing a superficial unipolarity in mainstream science, may be invoked to dismiss this theory, but I am confident that many scientists who are not so committed to an atheistic worldview will rightly consider these parallels to corporeal facts.
(4,017,667,500 Ga – 3,652,425,000 Ga)
This day begins just before the Archean eon and ends just before the Paleoarchean era, which is the second quarter of the Archean eon.
Then God said, “Let there be a firmament [expanse] in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” Thus God made the firmament [expanse], and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day. (Gen. 1:6-8) NKJV; intrpl. mine
The process utilized by the Lord to form this “expanse” between the waters cannot be ascertained by the Scriptures, and available data are debated for implications by geo-scientists forming theories. Allegedly, a “Late Heavy Bombardment” of asteroids- almost four billion years ago- contributed to the formation of continents. Accordingly, this LHB of c. 3.9 Ga pounded much of a shallow ocean’s floor until c. 3.8 Ga. If an expanse of landmass was indeed forming to divide ocean waters during this time, the LHB may have contributed to the selective melting of dark, basaltic igneous rocks. Melts of silica-rich materials ascended from deep within the disturbed Earth to form granitic plutons close to the surface in the early Archean. Evidence from Acasta Gneiss dates back to approximately 4 Ga and supports the claims of the 2nd erathem day of Genesis.
As I asserted in New Genesis Theory, the “expanse” or “firmament” mentioned in the second creation day comes from a Hebrew word that can be interpreted as a solid expanse or an atmospheric expanse. In the 2nd Genesis day of an ancient Earth, it appears to represent both, simply because during this time the new atmosphere and submarine landmasses began forming for a geological transformation of the ancient world. 
It may not have rained much on the primordial Earth before 4.01 Ga, as per the pattern of clues from the second millennial day in the PGT. Continuing along that pattern, “On that day all the fountains of the deep were broke up, and the windows of heaven were opened” (cf. Gen. 7:11). The earliest evidence for rain and running water comes from the Isukasia region of Greenland, where rocks reveal original sedimentary layering- of flowing waters and the beginning of the hydrologic cycle, which date back to approximately 3.8 Ga. So it is possible that the LHB evaporated much ocean water an accelerated the formation of a new atmosphere, even as it assisted in micro-continental formations.
God called this expanse “heavens,” but to reiterate from the New Genesis theory, God did not create the universe on the second day; He created the universe and Earth even before the first day, as the passage clearly states (cf. Gen. 1:1). The expanse the Creator called “heavens” on the second day is something plural, relative to the planet, like spreading landmasses and perhaps the beginning of an atmosphere. An ocean was present the first day, so it appears that an accumulation of evaporation and active convection changed the atmosphere. Some researchers assert that there is sufficient evidence for oxygen on the earth as far back as 4 Ga, which fits in this day of the expanse called “heavens” being created. The troposphere, from Earth’s surface to about seven to ten miles above, seems to have had its beginning in this day. Again, the expanse (of plural “heavens”) appears to indicate both expanding submarine landmasses and a spreading atmosphere above them.
The most interesting thing about the second panoramic day, as with the first, is what is not mentioned. Unlike many creation myths, Genesis does not hastily bring in lifeforms and animism, which was a prominent error of commission in the myths of pagan cultures. Genesis begins with a lifeless ocean and a featureless, desolate, and dark planet, where light is first commanded to shine down for a division of days from nights.
Then an expanse is formed, with waters above and below it, which suggests either an expanding atmosphere or landmasses spreading in the early ocean, or both. Rather than a world formed out of the Nile River or some regional sacred place- routine among the creation myths- its global development is perceivably unhindered by localism. No nation or region is mentioned in the creation days. And unlike myths of a giant turtle coming out of the seas with the world on its back or a rabbit arising from the Euphrates River and laying an egg on an ancient shore- out from which popped the Babylonian fertility goddess- the Bible grants us a somber account we might expect from an ancestor inspired to explain something corporeal as accurately as possible. Remember, too, that secularly-praised, ancient Greeks of “reasoning” gave us the titans of elemental forces and the utter nonsense of continued nature animism. God, however, rules the creation, working methodologically with superior comprehension. And considering that Moses did not possess a scientific vocabulary of modern terms- e.g., atmosphere, geological formations, crustal development, plate tectonics, magnetic fields, and the like- I think his descriptions are quite reasonable and scientific. Thus, lack of errors of commission in the somber biblical account of creation compliment the facts of its admissions.
Much of what is revealed in the 2nd erathem day is again falsifiable, with very plain claims that can be investigated by researchers:
  1. An ocean existed on Earth before 4.01 Ga.
  2. A solid expanse was formed in the oceans after 4.01 Ga.
  3. And/or an atmospheric expanse was formed after 4.01 Ga.
  4. The expanse of heavens divided waters above and below, which for landmasses imply formations arising from the ocean floor; for a new, hospitable atmosphere it suggests a spreading region, like lower troposphere, between raining clouds and the ocean below.
  5. Earth was a lifeless planet from 4.01 Ga to 3.65 Ga.
  6. †These developments should lead into the next day’s works.  
Thus, if the new atmosphere and subterranean landmasses formed during this timeframe, the probability of this theory reflecting a factual account of creation has increased to 1/6 (or 2/12). Now we must explore when landmasses emerged above sea level for a dry supercontinent, and thereafter when life was first created. Does Scripture place the origin of life during the time posited by scientists with empirical evidences? Did the continents or a supercontinent form during the same era as the Bible asserts? If the next day correlates with the greater consensus of scientists, perhaps the biblical account of Divine creation should be reinvestigated as a serious document left to us by the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
(3,652,425,000 Ga – 3,287,182,500 Ga)
This day begins just before the Paleoarchean era of the Archean eon and ends just before the Mesoarchean era of the Archean eon.
The God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering of the waters He called Seas. And God saw that it was good. (Gen. 1:9-10) NKJV
Before getting into the rest of the third panoramic day, the first part of the passage should be expounded upon. As the days progress the highlights for the days require more contemplation. First, as a reminder that is probably unnecessary, Planet Earth was not literally created on Day Three of the creation account.
Again, Earth was already created before the first day was summarized. The planet was only named after its dry land. “Earth” here simply means dry earth, soil, or land since in “the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Likewise, the “Seas” named in the third day of creation does not imply the beginning of the ocean or seas, for we have already learned that an ocean covered the earth from Day One. Possible reasons for waiting to name the “seas” are (1) the ocean before this time differed greatly or (2) inland seas were formed during this timeframe- distinct from the “deep” of the first era-day. Also, the “earth” of this timeframe consists of a greater landmass, landmasses, or a continent distinct from the earlier “expanse.”
From the previous day we perceived an expanse that was formed to divide the waters, which may allude to some mini-landmasses, islands, or micro-continents that emerged within the primordial ocean, but in this day we notice a distinction of what seems to indicate a larger, continental landmass. Before this day, the “expanse” was called “Heavens,” which is plural and may indicate that it consisted of many landmasses. We can perceive natural progression in the works, although geological processes are not explicitly explained. Thus, it seems that the previous expanse or expanses- waters above and below- were the subsequent development of something greater, like a supercontinent that was called “earth.”
A clue may exist in this day as to how God formed a supercontinent. It lies in the fact that He drew the waters “to one place” for dry land to emerge. Ocean waters bulge on one hemisphere according to the moon’s gravitational pull, which help create high and low tides- affected by the moon’s position in relation to the sun and Earth. If the moon is between the sun and Earth, the gravitational pull is greater because the sun also pulls. If a massive body, such as the moon or planetoid, etc., passes close enough to the earth, it can pull ocean waters towards it. And, to a lesser effect, it would pull the Earth and its crust on that hemisphere, which during thin crustal formation could have caused greater bulges than today.
Also, the early ocean was shallower as it was being fed rain by the new atmosphere and probably more susceptible en mass to the moon’s gravitations pull. This is mere speculation, but it may encourage research into how the Creator drew the waters away from emerging land during this time. If much of the ocean was temporarily drawn to one hemisphere, the released oceanic mass could further push the thinner and developing crust to bulge toward one hemisphere; and the crust would have been more susceptible to a force of returning water in submarine tidal waves.
What we do know is that today’s continents have core shields that began forming before 3 Ga. And if we know that rocks were exposed to running water around 3.8 Ga, we should discern that between 3.8 Ga to 3 Ga something or some process formed the first continent or continents. In other words, this era-day of God making earth appear fits nicely with the facts and our comprehension of early continental formation. 
According to Genesis, this formation of “Earth,” separated from the “Seas,” is directly related to the first lifeforms that God created: 
Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth [sprout] deshe [tender, tiny, sprouts], the herb [bacteria?] that yields zerah [seed, replication] and the fruit tree that yields fruit [progeny] according to its kind, whose zerah [seed, replication] is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so. And the earth brought forth deshe [tender, tiny, sprouts, sprouting], the herb that yields [produces] zerah [seed, replication] according to its kind, and God saw that it was good. So the evening and the morning were the third day. (Gen. 1:11-13) NKJV; all changes of text and intrpl. mine
The reason I substituted English words in the passage with Hebrew and interpolated ideas is to bring to mind that the terms God selected for Genesis often have primitive roots that have been forgotten and/or are no longer used in the former manner of speech. Words that have various meanings often subtly change over time and often become specified to emphasize particular interpretations. Those who spoke paleo-Hebrew in the ancient days of Abraham would find it just as difficult to understand modern Hebrew as we in America today would have speaking the early English of 13th century peoples. Likewise, the ancient wording has hidden implications that extend beyond a literal reading.
I make this point because the word translated “grass” in Genesis is a rare word that is used only about half a dozen times in Scripture. Moses wrote it for Genesis but then used more common Hebrew words for grass in other books of the Law (e.g., eseb and chatsiyr). The word deshe (from dasha) is picked-back-up much later by Prophet Samuel, who anointed David as king of Israel.
The difference between deshe and other Hebrew words for “grass” is that the others particularly mean green and glistening and are plainly known as grass. Deshe, on the other hand, means tender and tiny. From its root it means to sprout or emerge or spring forth. So what we find from “grass” in Genesis is that it can infer delicate things that grow, like algae and bacterial communities, not just grass. It is my belief that God was hinting at the humble beginnings of cyanobacteria, which He would later develop into all kinds of plants and vegetation. Or- a phrase common to many scientists- an “RNA-first world.” Its “fruit” and “seed” would be in itself for replication, and from these God would begin His tree of life, via the universal genetic code and archetypical designs that He would create throughout the ancient ages.
Also, the Hebrew word zera which is translated “seed” allows us to consider another implication of the Text. When reading the passage we may think primarily of things like watermelon and orange seeds, but zera simply means the beginning product of reproduction or replication. So we find that the term seed is also used for sperm and egg in Scriptures. Leviticus 15:16 explains: “If any man’s seed [zerah] of copulation go out of him…,” and Genesis 3:15 reads “her seed.”
Hence, we are granted a word that allows for interpretations besides those associated with literal fruit seeds. The true seed of all life is genetic information in RNA and DNA. So although literal fruits seeds can be interpreted, I believe subtle variations should be considered for how Genesis relates to ancient Earth. If zera in Genesis can mean the eggs and sperm of animals, and seeds of plants and herbs, the commonality of life may be the important take-away from the passage. Something tiny and tender that God causes to emerge from the earth or clay for replication can suggest many things, from a single-celled organism that replicates to a houseplant. Cyanobacteria are tiny, tender sprouts whose zera-replications- are in their selves.
In the same way, trees in Scripture often point to family trees, just as the “Branch of David” and “Root of Jesse” are titles describing Christ. Thus, it is important that leeway be allowed for the passages, seeing that simplicity is the best place to hide Divine complexity. God can hide things like cyanobacteria in something that emerges tiny and tender, which has genetic instructions to replicate within- all organisms after their kinds or families or phylum or species- and then call the entire concept a fruitful tree.
Indeed, if God planned for scientists to eventually discern His works, it may be that those who describe the diversification of life as a TOL (tree of life), which began in this era-day, are given a passage describing a tree of replication. In fact, the singular form of the “tree” and the “fruit tree” suggests that God was not necessarily expressing all trees, but a fruitful TOL that He began with humble sprouts. The brilliance of the wording is that it is singular form but suggests plurality- the elasticity of an account that discloses several ideas. In the same way, the Tree of Life in Genesis Ch. 2 is singular, whereas in Rev. 22:2 we perceive many trees of life and various fruits (see Ezek. 47:12).  
To the shock many indoctrinated materialists, family trees did not begin with the Theory of Evolution, nor did commonality in all forms of life, or even the idea of life originating from primordial clay or ruddy earth. Early materialists borrowed their ideas from Judeo-Christianity and Greek philosophy. The difference is, materialists insist upon descent with modification from a common ancestor, whereas we rightly acknowledge common designs of a purposive Creator. We discern that most organisms have unique body plans without a hint of transitional organisms before them, and thus do not press descent with modification upon homology.
Of course grass and trees and fruits did not exist during this epoch, but I think it is fair enough that Scripture offers the same period of time for the first tiny lifeforms, which some scientists claim evolved into plants, trees, herbs, etc. I, personally, do not believe in any form of evolution, be it posited as something gradual or by punctuated leaps via mass radiation and mutations. What I will concede to is that God took a rib from Adam, that had his DNA, and created Eve, and thus it suggests that He also took parts or DNA from some creatures to create new ones with novel features and abilities. Creationists have for many centuries believed in common archetypical designs, which are indeed self-evident in nature, but we do not surrender brilliant engineering to unguided mutations and chance.
What most researchers would agree with of this panoramic day is that the ancestors of plant life emerged within this very timeframe- what they consider the earliest universal common ancestor. Evidence suggests that the first prokaryotes (first life) emerged sometime between 3.6 and 3.4 billion years ago. This conclusion comes from the oldest undisputed fossils of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) found in stromatolites (rocks with bacterial colonies or “mats”). While I concede that trees and plants were nowhere to be found at the time in question, I also realize that it would be somewhat difficult for Moses or any ancient person to explain that all plant life would have its ancestral beginning on this day, but only rudimentarily. “According to its kind,” or “after” or “following its kind,” expresses that God would take from early prokaryotes that He did create on the third era-day to make all latter lifeforms of plants and trees.
Some scientists have theorized that during this epoch, approximately 3.4 Ga, photosynthesis also began. Thus, a reasonable mind would conclude that if the beginning of life should be expressed in an ancient account, which could someday be verified by the people receiving it, this would be the ideal day, or timeframe, to do so. Moreover, the earliest actual evidence of life c. 3.6 Ga correlates with the beginning of this era-day in Scripture.
When God begins a specific work, He often speaks of it as if it has already been accomplished, which may explain how all plant life can be reasoned from an age when only bacteria existed. In Isaiah, God says, “Who has performed and done this, calling the generations [history] from the beginning [Genesis]? I the YHVH, am the First; and with the last I am He.” (See Isa. 41:4.) So we find that even plants, once God set His works in motion, may be worded as something already created, just as He said He was “declaring the end from the beginning, and from the ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, ‘I will do all My desires.’” (See Isa. 46:10). Concerning Israel, God called the nation “righteous” and “the branch of My planting, the work of My hands” in the same book where He announced that they had grown evil; the nation would be destroyed, and Israel would be led away and scattered in the Assyrian captivity c. 722 BC, but He was determined to bring them back (cf. Rom. 11:28-29). Thus the end produce is often emphasized at the planting.
“Behold, the former things [works] have come to pass, and I declare new [novel] things- before they happen, I cause you to hear.” – Lord YHVH (Isa. 42:9) TIB; intrpl. mine
At this point some readers may think: ‘That’s not fair! If you can do that with grass and trees, saying that God called them ‘created’ before they actually were, you can do that with anything in the Genesis account that is out of place.’ How can I rebut this? It is indeed true. Yet with Scripture it is hermeneutically acceptable to make an exception when it comes to life.
For example, God foretold that King Cyrus would be born and set Jews free to return from the Babylonian captivity, even calling him by his name. He knew Jacob and Esau while they were still forming in their mother’s womb, and what He thought of their ways. God often calls things as they will be once the works are set in motion.
Therefore, it is of faith that it might be according to grace, so that the promise might be sure [certain] to all the seed [progeny], not only those who are of the law [Torah], but also those who are of the faith of Abraham [pre-Torah], who is father of us all (as it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) in the presence of Him whom he believed- God, who gives life to the dead [inert] and calls things which do not exist as though they did. (Rom. 4:16-17) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Although the third erathem day is the correct place to look for the beginning of plant life with an RNA-world, I concede that someone who interprets the passage ultra-literally can reasonably conclude that it does not parallel empirical facts of when true trees and herbs first appear in the fossil record. They could go on to reason that if there is a Creator, He would not have allowed for an error of commission such as this to appear in a Text that He wanted to confess His creations.
As the scribe of this work, as someone who comprehends His interwoven mysteries, I must explain why He did. First, the Genesis summary was designed to confess multiple periods and events. The third day had to be able to relate to Israel growing as the humble, multiplying seed of Abraham, as an herb, as grass, and finally as a tree of God’s planting- the work of His hands- showing progression and the increase of the nation. Day Three of creation also had to describe the Holocene Optimum when Mesopotamia flourished as God’s paradise, as I explained in NGT. And Day Three must be elaborated upon once again later in this theory- to fit the pattern of the theories which came before it. Second, if it was written that God created plant life only later in Genesis, then literalists would express doubts, asking, ‘What about cyanobacteria and algae? Where are they in the account? Did God forget about them?’ and still they would conclude that the Genesis summary of creation is incorrect.
For the ultra-literalists, Moses would had to have written that cyanobacteria was first created 3.6 Ga and then go on to describe plants created during a much later epoch, though words like algae and bacteria did not yet exist. Thus, there are several reasons for the Genesis wording. 
What should be celebrated is that Scripture again offers a timely confession of creation, with the beginning of the RNA world. Evolution is plagued by disagreements on how life evolved, and whether an “RNA-world” was first or a “DNA-world,” because the evolutionary paradigm faces solid roadblock either way. Stephen C. Meyer’s work Signature In The Cell (Ch. 14) lays out several RNA-world-first obstacles for “chemical evolution,” generously hosting terms like “formidably difficult” (p. 304), which some of us would simply call “utterly impossible.” He cites Shapiro, Kenyon, and others and explains five such obstacles as: (1) RNA building blocks are hard to synthesize and easy to destroy; (2) ribozymes are poor substitutes for proteins; (3) an RNA-based translation and coding system is implausible; (4) the RNA word doesn’t explain the origin of genetic information; and (5) ribozyme engineering does not simulate undirected chemical evolution. Thus, these obstacles would not concern a Creator with both the comprehension and ability to create the first single-celled organisms in an RNA world, no more than obstacles prevent scientists from building viruses and proteins once they comprehend how and have the ability to do the works. However, as we shall see, God reveals when He began eukaryotic life, preceded by the RNA world of Day Three.
Scientists are also debating whether the first so-called microfossils were microbes. The earliest non-fossil claim of a “chemical signature” is from sediments of an ancient seafloor found in Greenland, which dates to about 3.8 Ga, which should not be considered seriously without more to go on. If any fossils of prokaryotic (or eukaryotic) life are ever found for creatures that existed before 3.65 Ga, ATLAS Theory would be falsified. I believe that this was when God began creating single-celled lifeforms. I am confident that more trace “signatures” will be presented, along with fossils claimed to be of an earlier date than 3.65 Ga, but honest scientists will see through propaganda and debunk claims lacking solid evidence.
Theories should be falsifiable if they are to be seriously considered, unlike abiogenesis and macroevolution, which are far too tautologically protected by the reigning orthodoxy of scientism. The way I see it, all the theories of abiogenesis and macroevolution should be afforded no more credence than multiverse hypotheses- so ridiculous is their cultural art.
If life was first designed forming an RNA world, it may be during the third great day that God compartmentalized such life with the necessary polymer systems to defy diffusion (or inner-entropy), to eventually bring about our DNA world of true plants and animals. Thus, it makes sense to have this period, or 3rd day, express the absolute beginning of plant life.
No matter what claims come for the date of the origin of life, 3.65 Ga will hold true; God marked it by signs of the times. How do I know life began 3.65 Ga and it is complete at Messiah’s coming? Just as our year is a circuit of completion (Earth’s orbit around the sun), all life and times revolve around the Sun of Righteousness- the Beginning and End of the age. If, by design, the sun symbolizes the Sun of Righteousness, then a complete orbit around it, from beginning to end, should be a sign of the beginning of life to the completion at the coming of the Messiah, which is called the Year of the Redeemed. A numerical link should confess that our orbit around the sun is a ripple of time of the completion of life in Christ from beginning to the end of the age, with all things complete after the Great Sabbath. And this beginning of life may be expressed by the fact that the human genome is around 3.6 billion letters long, for I am sure the witnesses of God’s work through Christ can be found in the instructions of life as much as the Light in Heaven that feeds us life.
If we ripple out the 10th Day of Atonement four times, we come to 10,000: 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000. If we ripple out our year four times, we come to 365,242.5: 365.2425, 3,652.425, 36,524.25, and 365,242.5. So we take the 4th ripples of both and multiply them to come to the very first life at 3.65 Ga. One normal year (365.2425 days) goes into the larger 3,652,425,000 yrs ten million times. So if all life is through Christ and the cross of 10,000 yrs, we multiply 10 ka by 365.2425 and reach 3,652,425, which multiplied by the Aleph Key, is the beginning of this era-day.  It is a ripple from the life we are given at the cross at 10,000 years since the renewal: 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, and 10,000,000. So 10,000,000 divided by 10,000 is 10,000: the year of the cross. In other words, Christ came at 10,000 years from the beginning of Genesis (NGT), and He will return at Israel’s 10th day to complete 10,000 yrs before the GWTJ. When we multiply 10,000 times 10,000, we have 10 Ma. The link between our completion around the sun and the beginning of life on the planet is 10 Ma, and 10 ka times 10 ka bring us to the link.
When I was a child, the bigger kids would take the little kids by the hands and swing them around in circles, making them disoriented and dizzy when they stopped and released them. We each took our turns being swung around and had fun with it- the inebriated walk. But I am not seeking to make readers dizzy with numbers, but rather to show that an appointed time was set on the beginning of life until the Lord comes and claims the creation, finishing His work with the Great Sabbath. 365 Ga is witnessed by Earth swinging around the sun to complete a period of time, just as the Lord swings life around for a new beginning. With God’s time, using the Aleph Key, 1 year is 365,242.5 of our years, so 10,000 years to God are 3.65 Ga to us. Thus, it is not too disorienting to consider that God’s plan of completing the age is marked at what was the 10,000th year to us, as the cross. And the 10th day in relation to Israel in the Moedim Paradigm (completing 10,000 years) marks the completion of God’s works in transforming humanity.
Just as the Messiah said, “It is finished” at the cross (10,000 years from the beginning of the renewal and 4,000 years since Adam), the works of redemption will be finished at 10,000 years to God, which is again 3.65 Ga to us. Christ said that He came so “that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (see John 10:10 NKJV).
“Also I have spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions; I have given similitudes by the hand of the prophets.” (Hos. 12:10) PIT
Here are some falsifiable claims of ATLAS Theory for the third erathem day, from 3.65 Ga to 3.28 Ga:
  1. There was an oceanic shift or pull of the waters to one region or hemisphere between 3.65Ga and 3.28 Ga.
  2. Continents or a dry supercontinent formed before 3.28 Ga.
  3. From the earth or clay emerged the first lifeforms after 3.65 Ga, which are comparable to plant life.
  4. Inland or landlocked seas may have been formed.
  5. The first lifeforms were tiny, tender, and were able to replicate.
  6. Their ability to replicate was within them
  7. They began the plant TOL, likely with cyanobacteria.
  8. They replicated or reproduce after their own likeness and were not experimenting for evolution.
Thus, if the continents we have today first emerged during this era, and the first fossils of life also correlate to the creation account- and the previous days also correlate to empirical facts- ATLAS Theory should now be afforded ¼ probability, of being a factual account of creation, by the associated science disciplines.
(3,287,182,500Ga – 2,921,940,000Ga)
This day begins just before the Mesoarchean Era of the Archean Eon and ends just before the Neoarchean Era of the Archean Eon. 
Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so. Then God made two great lights [luminaries]: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also. God set them in the firmament [expanse] of the heavens to give light on the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. So evening and morning were the fourth day. (Gen. 1:14-19) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Unfortunately, there are currently no empirical or circumstantial evidences for superior luminaries visiting the earth during this timeframe. This era-day cannot add to the probability of the Genesis account being a factual one, and thus offers no falsifiable assertions. Nevertheless, finds may someday yield support, and speculation over the passage in question may intrigue some readers. Also, it is not becoming of any theory to leave out enigmatic information of its authoritative document, even if there are no corporeal evidences during hypothesizing to support such sections.
Remember, the heavens, Earth, days, nights, and light were already created prior to this era-day of Divine works, and thus readers should resist concluding that the sun, moon, stars, days, nights, and light were literally created during this era. As with the pattern established with New Genesis and Prophetic Genesis, this theory concludes that the “sons of God” are alluded to. Luminaries and stars have already been asserted as entities of knowledge and enlightenment- with biblical precedence- in the previous chapters. Readers are encourage to reexamine that case.
Until the fourth day, we do not read of God enlisting any helpers or rulers in the works of creation. He was not present in bodily form, but His “Spirit” was working, as in day one when His Spirit was “hovering gently over the surface of the waters.” Elohim is a plural word, written because God, who is One, is of seven Spirits (cf. Isa. 11:2; Zech. 3:9; 4:10; Rev. 1:4), which is completeness or perfection in scriptural terms. Yeshua was the prophesied Stone who would have all seven spiritual qualities (see Zech. 3:8-10).
So when God is revealed as Elohim in Genesis, it may imply that He was creating a world subject to the fullness of His spiritual perfection, to meet His objectives: the mysterious Spirit, of wisdom, distinguishing, counseling, mightiness, omniscience, and judgments of YHVH. Yet it is also written that lesser being are called “gods,” for they were created in His image, and being “one” with God was the prayer of Yeshua for all the elect. From this perspective, Elohim may suggest God and His children helping Him, and may explain why Elohim is the name given for God in Genesis Ch. 1 while the proper name YHVH is applied in Genesis Ch. 2. But, again, from the former perspective, the name Elohim may simply imply the fullness of God’s Spirit during His creative works. (N.B. Scholars who do not comprehend these things believe the first two chapters are therefore from different authors, even though chapter divisions did not exist in the original Hebrew manuscripts.)
That being written, we know that at some point others arrived and helped God in the creation works, since God later said, “Let us make man in our image.” However, the only place we find “luminaries” that would be for “signs, and seasons, and for days and years,” with enlightenment and reign over darkness and light, is on the 4th day. This seems logical if luminaries came after dry land on the 4th day, with the earlier expanse of the 2nd day serving as an earthly home or base. These “luminaries,” which would at some point take corporeal form, would also have oxygen for their works and freshwater from rain and inland sources.
The timing may also have to do with preparation for the next era-day, since in the next day God began creating life within “the seas.” Although this sounds like another “ancient alien” theory, an all-inclusive theory cannot ignore the implications of God saying, “Let us make mankind in [or into] our image.” Passages such as the following one seem to suggest that these luminaries had unique capabilities, as spiritual beings before corporeal forms:
Bless, O my soul, YHVH. O YHVH, my God, You are great, very majestic and honorable. You have put on clothing for Yourself of light, like a cloak, stretching out the universe like a curtain; who lays solids in the waters- His upper dwellings; who places thick clouds as His chariots; who traverses on the wings of the wind. He makes His angels winds [spirits], His ministers [servants] a fire of flaming. He founded the earth on its layers [geo columns], not willing that it shall quake forever and ever. The deep- like with a garment- You covered it. Above the hills stood the waters. From Your rebuke they fled; from the voice of Your thundering they swiftly moved away- going up the hills, going down the valleys to the location which You established for them. A boundary You have placed- not willing they shall pass over, not willing they shall return to blanket the earth. (Ps. 104:1-9) PIT; intrpl. mine
 (NB: Several passages inform us of the Lord stretching the heavens, long before scientists perceived that the universe is expanding.)
It should be considered that God appointed the Greater Light in this era-day, which was complete 2,921,940,000 Ga, but in Divine time that was 4,000 yrs (365, 242.5 X 4,000 = 2,921,940,000) from the very beginning of God’s works on Day One. Thus, when God brought in the Greater Luminary and finished what was 4,000 yrs to Him, doing so set the date for 4,000 yrs from Adam, when Messiah was raised on the cross.
There are Scriptures that make the early servants of God seem more like us, even calling them “sons,” as we shall see. From these, if not simply poetic, we find that the “sons of God” may have benefitted from a world that was more inhabitable after the third day works, after taking humanly forms. Even the Messiah called Himself the Son of Man, although of the Spirit He is the Son of God. Of the Spirit, the Messiah is eternal, but for the works of God on Earth, He is also a Son of Man. Consider these words form the Spirit of Wisdom, which were recorded by King Solomon:
YHVH possessed Me in the genesis of His pathway [works], before His works from then. From eternity I was upheld, from the genesis, from the ancient times of the planet. When there was no deep [ocean], I travailed- when there were no springs loaded with water. Before the protrusions were sunken, before the hills [existed], I travailed. While not yet He had made the earth and the fields and the primordial [beginning] of the dust of the planet, in His forming the universe, there I was. In his engraving [hacking] a sphere on the surface of the depth; in His forming the clouds of above; in strengthening [or solidifying] the springs of the deep; in His preparing for the ocean its boundaries- that the waters should not pass over his word; in His ordering the layers of the earth; and I was His sidekick- a craftsman. And I was His delights, day after day rejoicing before Him at every moment, rejoicing in the world- His planet- and my delight alongside the sons of men. (Prov. 8:22-31) PIT; trans. & intrpl. mine
(NB: The entire passage concerns God creating the universe and the Earth with the Spirit of Wisdom, which even in young-Earth theology was before the creation of humanity. Yet all these works of creation are given with the Spirit of Wisdom having “delight alongside the sons of men.” This suggests that at some point the luminaries took human form.)
In the above translation, I took a slight liberty in translating the ancient Hebrew word chobah as “sphere.” KJV has the word translated “compass” while many versions insert “circle.” There was no Hebrew word that could convey the idea of a giant sphere, except a word associated with children’s balls. The word chobah appears to means round or encompassing, which may suggest numerous ideas, such as a circuit, circle, sphere, etc. In the context of the passage, “sphere” appears to be the most appropriate translation, since the description of forming this involves God hacking, chipping-away, inscribing, engraving, etc. It was something material and not a metaphysical line or circle. The planet was formed from primordial dust accumulated into asymmetrical rocks that crashed into each other and were pulled into larger bodies. Early earth was without spherical form and took shape over the process of time during densification, which the biblical passage perfectly details, albeit via ancient terminology.
One thing that should be noticed by creationists is that the Spirit of Wisdom speaks of an ancient planet before oceans and springs of water. If in “the beginning God created the universe and the earth” does not have a gap before the 1st day, when “the Spirit of God was hovering gently over the face of the waters,” then a discrepancy would exist. Yet if we accept that there was a gap of time between 4.6 Ga and 4.38 Ga, in which the oceans had yet to emerge, all makes perfect sense. In fact, there are no inconsistencies in God’s Word, but only in human exegeses and comprehension of it.
From where then does wisdom come? And where is the place of understanding? It is hidden from the eyes of all living, and concealed from the birds of the air. Destruction [Abaddon] and Death say, “We have heard a report about it with our ears.” God understands its way, and He knows its place. For He looks to the ends of the earth, and sees under the whole heavens, to establish a weight [heaviness] for the wind, and apportion the waters by measure. When He made a law for the rain [condensation], and a path for the thunderbolt [for electrical currents], then He saw wisdom and declared it; He prepared it, indeed, He searched it out. And to man He said, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.” (Job 28:20-28) NKJV; intrpl. mine
In our age there is little reverence for the biblical God in science, for they have knowledge without wisdom- materialism without meaning. Since the most distant of ages of life, messenger spirits, who are higher than humankind, have rejoiced at the works of God; and yet mortals are most deceived by the anarchy of their own minds, since rebellion is set in our hearts from youth.
Yet if we would spend more of our time searching out His words, rather than trying to diminish them, we, too, would shine as the stars, with enlightenment spreading from one end of heaven to the other. All day long we naturally relate the material things to metaphysical truths and spiritual concepts, so much so that we fail to perceive it. We do not hunger when we are too full, and we do not thirst when our wine overflows. And too often we do not perceive God because we, male and female, were created in His image, being blinded unto darkness by our increasing light. No theory need be written to increase faith in God, for it is in our nature to believe, yet we stumble about in our search to know all things. Security shall not be found in materialism, but in meaning, and faith will not come to us via our knowledge of worldly things, but with wisdom- the beginning of which is reverence for our Creator, and a heart of thanks and praise for that which our God has shared with us.
They do not know, nor do they understand; they walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are unstable. I have said, “You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High. But you shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” Arise, O God, judge the earth; for You shall inherit all the nations. (Ps. 82:5-8) NKJV
Genesis does not tell us how many luminaries came to the ancient Earth, although we know by the luminaries and stars that there were more than four, or even specify how they did so- spirit or spaceship. We have very little to go on to understand their works, except their enlightenment would be for “signs, seasons, days, and years.” The only solid conclusion for the 5th day in this work asserts is that seasonal times were developed during this era-day. On the first day the world was covered by water, but the atmosphere had not yet been formed. On Day Two, an expanse was created with an atmosphere. On the third day, dry earth emerged. And In this day we perceive seasons.
That being written, we can revisit a passage in Job to gain clues of who the luminaries were and what they may have helped with:
“On what were its [earth’s] base-layers fastened [sunk and bonded]? Or who cast the cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? Or who shut in the sea with doors, when it burst forth and issued from the womb [the Earth’s interior]; when I made the clouds for its clothing [warning atmosphere], and thick darkness its swaddling clothes [primordial restraints]; when I fixed My limit for it [shorelines], and set bars and doors [sandbars, entryways]; when I said, ‘This far you waters may encroach, but no farther, and here your proud waves must stop!’ From your days, did you command the morning- caused dawn to know its region- that it [its light] might take ahold of the ends of the world, and the wicked be shaken out of it? It [Earth] turns in form like clay under a seal [under pressure], and they [the wicked] stand out like a bold garment. From the wicked the light is withheld, and the exalted arm is broken.” (Job 38:6-15) PIT; intrpl. mine
In the passage above, I interpret taba as “sunk and bonded,” since no one word fully draws out the Hebrew meaning. It means fastening or bonding of materials by sinking together, as if solidifying from a liquefied form. The question basically asks, ‘On what were the Earth’s foundational layers formed?’ The wording is ancient and difficult, but when we explore the roots, word by word, we gain insight into very detailed descriptions.
What is very clear is that the “stars of morning” were praising the works with harmonious singing, which means they witnessed much of it, although the passage does not state whether they were on location or observed the works from afar. In Judaism and Christianity, angelic being before humankind is noncontroversial. What role they played in assisting God may be, since Scripture affirms that God made everything. Solomon built the Temple of God, as we often say, but he actually commanded the works, and it may be that those who were with God, likewise, answered to His commands as He created the worlds.
It is worth a moment to consider that the luminaries of the 4th day were given positions to rule over the day and the night, with “signs.” As we previously considered animals that were abominable to eat under the Law, I explained that they were for signs of spiritual natures, of nations and individuals. Some creatures generally represent righteousness and grace, such as lambs and doves, whereas others, such as stubborn goats and cunning serpents, generally represent evil natures. Some creatures are nocturnal by nature, such as bats, whereas others are diurnal. Thus, if (and it is a big if) the children of God helped design creatures that were later created, to express good and evil and darkness and light, they may still be influencing humankind for the division of the “children of day” and those “of the night.”
The difficulty with only affirming spiritual angels, ministers, or messengers before us is that the “sons of God” were in indeed in human form until banished during the days of Noah:
Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth [increased reproduction, globally], and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful, and they took wives for themselves of all whom they choses. (Gen. 6:1-2) NKJV; intrpl. mine
This implies that the “sons of God” had all the physical features of humans in order to reproduce, albeit superior genetics. And, once again, God said, “Let us make mankind in our image.” If the morning stars first came to Earth during this era-day, where would they live on Earth, even if they were superior beings and humans were created “a little lower than the angels”? (See Palms 8:4-6 and Hebrews 2:7.) How could a world of algae and cyanobacteria support them, in a long span of time that some scientists call the “boring billion” from c. 1.7 Ga to c. 700 Ma, or even the “boring billions” from first single-celled lifeforms to the late Cambrian? If these “sons of God” were in corporeal form, where were they and what were they doing in such a lengthy time, since the evidences of any great works or inventions and earthly novelty in the fossil record are so few?
Before organisms like Kimberella, Dickinsonia, and sponges appeared, the only living forms documented in the fossil record for over 3 billion years were single-celled organisms and colonial algae…Thus, the Ediacaran biota attest to a separate sudden increase in biological complexity within a short window of geological time (about 15 million years), following 3 billion years in which only single-celled organisms inhabited the earth. This leap in complexity, in a relatively short span of geological time, may well exceed the explanatory resources of natural selection working on random mutations…The Ediacaran fossils therefore do not solve the problem of the sudden increase in biological form and complexity during the Cambrian. Instead, they represent an earlier, if less dramatic, manifestation of the same kind of problem. To biology’s “big bang,” the Ediacaran biota add a significant “pow.” As paleobiologist Kevin Peterson, of Dartmouth College, and his colleagues note, these fauna represent “an apparent quantum leap in ecological complexity as compared with the ‘boring billions’ [of years] that characterize Earth before the Ediacaran,” even if these organisms are “still relatively simple when compared with the Cambrian,” which they characterize as another “quantum leap in organismal and ecological complexity.” – Stephen C. Meyers, Darwin’s Doubt, pp. 86, 87; intrpl. his
Perhaps scientists are searching under the wrong paradigm as they explore the “explosions” of phyla in the Cambrian and following epochs, and the “pow” of Precambrian life, where species appear on the scene in the geological record without the imagined transitionals of Darwinism. Perhaps organisms were created elsewhere and only released at proper times of development in Earth’s biosphere, rather than evolving creatures that created their own niches and habitats. Birds and bats and cats and dogs, and even dinosaurs, emerge on the geological scene in fossil strata, with apparent disregard for evolutionary theories, just as the record of single-celled organisms fails to entertain abiogenesis fantasies. Finally, what if this paradigm, which at least has a written record for its peculiar speculations, is the one that should be considered by scientists- at least by those who perceive that abrupt novelty demands a new paradigm? 
A clue to the works and home of the “sons of God” lies in the fact that God appointed them to the “expanse” rather than the entire world- or what God called “earth.” Keeping with the pattern of New Genesis and Prophetic Genesis theories, God’s expanse for the luminaries may have been a specific location or landmass. Some theorists have described the expanse as a “dome,” which sounds farfetched, but perhaps it was some sort of protected place. In the 4th day of New Genesis Theory, I explained how the “sons of God” brought enlightenment to Mesopotamia, and in the theory of Prophetic Genesis, I explained that the luminaries of the 4th millennium from Adam were the prophets and priests appointed to Israel, rather than the entire world. In keeping with that pattern, the luminaries of the ancient Earth may have first developed a region for their creativity before releasing creatures to the rest of the world during the long ages.
Unlike Darwinism, which casts all fauna together and presupposes survival of millions of species, it could be that the harmonies of life in nature were developed over time via intelligence. It is reasonable to think that the food chain had to be built-up in a smaller, protected region while bacterial colonies and other single-celled organisms spread around the world. It could be that the atmosphere could only support a limited amount of life until enough oxygen was available during the Cambrian. 
From a science fiction perspective, where humans colonize an inert planet, where most conditions are right for habitation: Would we begin forming a biosphere, with all its sensitive ecosystems, by simply casting out our creatures into the barren wild? If we had the intelligence and ability and Spirit to create various lifeforms, would we not first select a controlled environment? In the progression of God’s biblical works, we find selective increases. We perceive elect people growing into an elect family, elect tribes to an elect nation, and from there His works spread globally. Thus, is it unreasonable to expect that God also worked that way with a select people at a select region long before most of the creative works of life were released into the world?
Thus, that is how this work must proceed according to the pattern, where the “boring billions” of scientific investigations offer very little to correlate to the biblical record. This theory postulates that somewhere in the world evidences may be found for a particular region or perhaps even a micro-continent that was once inhabited by the luminaries of old, be it now under arctic ice, buried under the ocean floor, or somewhere beneath much of the unexplored earth of human habitation. In this view, there was once a heavenly expanse on Earth in ancient times for the luminaries- just as God created a paradise for Adam and Eve and called the Israelites to a specific region, to a “land flowing with milk and honey.”
It may be that these “ministers of fire” and “sons of God” had yet to take corporeal form, compatible to life on Earth as carbon-based life. If this is true and more than mere speculation, Genesis may leave us a clue by not calling them “humans,” but rather “luminaries” and “stars.” God is Spirit according to Scriptures, and His messengers are ministering spirits also, yet we know that at some point bodies had to be created. It may be that the expanse had to expand in a region as they developed ecosystems in before they could dwell in the flesh on the surface of the Earth. We will explore this possibility with passages relating to Melchizedek for the 6th day, but first some work for the expanse may have been in order.
(2,921,940,000 Ga – 2,556,697,500 Ga)
This day begins just before the Neoarchean era of the Archean eon and ends just before the Paleoproterozoic era of the Proterozoic eon.
And God said, “Let swarm the waters with swarmers having a living soul; and let winged-bodies fly around, over on the earth- the turning surface of the heavens and of the expanse.” And God created the sea creatures wondrous, and all with living soul, which creeps and which swarmed the waters, and every living thing that moves after their species, and all flyers with wings after its species. And God perceived that excellent. And God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and be many, and fill the waters in the seas, and let the flyers multiply on the earth.” And evening was, and morning was: Day Five. (Gen. 1:20-23) PIT
In New Genesis Theory I asserted that the “waters” and “seas” being filled with life need not apply to the entire ocean, where I gave examples of the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and the Dead Sea that will be filled with life in the Sabbath millennium. Under this notion, the expanse of the ancient luminaries may have included inland seas, as a developing region in which God (and the morning stars) began designing or creating diverse lifeforms. How much diversity is implied is open to debate, since no specific animals are disclosed in the Hebrew Text, and “every living thing that swarms” is relevant to the seas mentioned. Even the word often translated “birds” can mean the tiniest flying insects, in Scriptures. “Surface of the heavens” suggests on the Earth and “of the expanse” may suggest restriction of the lifeforms to the expanse.
One thing that hinders my writing this theory is the idea that God and His luminaries would abide so long on the ancient Earth, for billions of years. There are no mentions of human reproduction for the angels in distant ages, or being subject to death, before they took human form, so they’re populating the entire planet and leaving evidences in not a concern. But the idea that so much time would be devoted to Planet Earth, in a vast universe of worlds, feels like localism. Bacteria exist today as it has for billions of years, so the duration of existence is not troubling. And God is an eternal Entity who must abide somewhere. Yet even as complex as lifeforms are, it seems ridiculous to suppose that so much time would be spent creating them.
Along this line of thought, I believe that much is not told us, where it only appears that God dwelled here for the entire time. The pattern of Scripture grants us a God on the move. He and His messengers appear for specific objectives and are as quickly gone again. We who were made in the image of God have built space stations and gone to the moon, but we did not stay, and probably would not for a lifetime even if we could. NASA is engineering a space station that can exist above the turbulent atmosphere of Venus, perhaps as an intermediate to mars expeditions, but if permanent colonies could be maintained there, likely astronauts would rotate back to Earth in their missions. A simple passage from Job seems to support the sons of God going back and forth to the Earth:
Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan [the adversary] also came among them. And the LORD said to Satan, “From where do you come?” So Satan answered the LORD and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.” (Job 1:6-7) NKJV; intrpl. mine
In the beginning of Chapter 2 the theme is repeated, that the sons of God travel, but the question left to speculation is whether or not they traversed back and forth to Earth in the days before mankind. And, such as it is, I cannot render a solid conclusion, although I suspect they did. By this, I am in no way suggesting ancient aliens arrived, but a similar idea of superior beings created in the image of God. But whether they travelled upon light, in flying saucers, or from the spiritual realm of Heaven to Earth is completely left for readers to form their own conclusions. God has not revealed any special details to me. It may also be that evidences will never be produced for the sons of God since the flood, so that we cannot know their comings and goings in ancient times.
Is not God in the height of the universe? And look at the leading stars- for height. And so you say, “What does God know? Through the dark cloud, can He judge? Clouds are concealment for Him, and He does not see; and the circuit of the universe He walks.” Do you keep to the ancient way which men of evil trod, who were captured, for there was not time? Their layer [or foundation] was washed out by a river [or flooding]. They said to God, “Depart from us! What can the Almighty do to us?” (Job 22:12-17) PIT; intrpl. mine
If the geological record for the luminaries was washed away, be the passage of Noah’s flood and/or the ancient Earth, it may be that this line of thought can never be supported by scientific evidences. Likewise, if the expansive region of their works is long gone or buried so deep that it can never be found, much of this theory will remain an exegesis. Thus, as of yet I have no empirical support for several of the days of God’s works, at least not as asserted in ATLAS Theory. The Bible records that God wipes away the memory of the wicked from the Earth, but the fact that not all the luminaries rebelled may suggest that evidences will someday appear.
In the next day, we will continue along the lines of an expanse in which the morning stars were appointed, as a region developed before the rest of the world. There we will consider when they took human form and what evidences may exist that they walked the world long before we were created in the image of God.
(2,556,697,500 Ga – 2,191,453,000 Ga)
This day begins just before the Proterozoic eon and ends just before the Orosirian period of the Proterozoic eon.
Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind”; and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be as food. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so. Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day. (Gen. 1:24-31) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Obviously, the passage for the 6th day does not correlate with the beginning of humankind or mammals, for it is much too early. What it may allude to is the completion of an expanse on Earth for the previous children of God. According to Scripture, God created all creatures and gave them living souls. The question becomes, ‘Does this day also confess to when God created corporeal bodies for the luminaries?’ I believe it does, simply by the process of eliminations; no other day offers such as opportunity for speculation. We were created in the image of God, but we cannot forget that God said, “Let us create mankind in our image.” As Michael Denton makes clear in some of his videos, the human body was designed specifically for life on Earth.
Thus, the luminaries had bodies that were also designed for life on this planet, which we know because they later reproduced with Adam’s descendants- having like DNA. It thus seems logical that the physical images of God were first created during this time frame, within an expanse that preceded the rest of the world’s development.
However, the passage may allude to the eukaryotic tree of life for the entire world, which originated during this era-day. Complex lifeforms (e.g., plants, trees, animals, and people), with paired chromosomes that need oxygen, were designed from eukaryotes, which first appear in the fossil record from approximately 2.2 Ga. Evolutionists will tell many a tale about that “one time” eukaryotes somehow evolved after over a billion years of prokaryotic rule, but those stories have no fossil evidence and are based entirely on the evolutionary paradigm that they already subscribe to. Eukaryotes do not evolve from prokaryotes in a lab or in nature, and they never have. During this day, God created eukaryotes, which He may or may not have formed from prokaryotes. A history of prokaryote to eukaryote evolution is nowhere to be found but in evolutionists’ minds. The presupposition is more fantastic and astonishingly impossible than anything that I have written thus far in this theory.
I believe that God made plants and trees from prokaryotic to eukaryotic life because of the revelations of the third era-day, not because evidence exists for macroevolutionary pathways. I also believe that mammals and other animals were created by God from eukaryotic lifeforms, for this day alludes to it. The differences between evolutionary beliefs and this theory should be discerned so that this theory is not mistaken for the former.
Mutations and unguided processes for survival by modifications have no place in this theory, and, quite frankly, I despise the concept from its core of spontaneous generation dreams all the way up. A sicker theory has never been proposed, as evolution has from Greek philosophy- that all life created itself and engineered by accident unto brilliant systems that act objectively. Materialist fail to perceive where the will for life comes from, for it cannot be explained away by fantasies, yet they present their theory that is composed entirely in their warped imaginations as facts. But I must digress, unless that which I loathe prevents that which I love.
The Sun of Righteousness, the greater luminary, is the first Entity we encounter as a Luminary in Genesis. The case I make throughout this book is that the Sun of Righteousness is the Messiah, before He came in the flesh to Israel. In the Old Testament, we find Him walking in the garden and eating at the tent of Abraham, as well as other places in the form of man. The question becomes, when did He first take the form of man, verses abiding as Spirit from God? As stated earlier, I believe it was on this erathem day. Passages suggest He was born of the light of God long before humankind walked the world:
Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power; in the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning [dawn], You have the dew of Your youth. The LORD has sworn and will not relent, “You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.” (Ps. 110:3-4) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Paul elaborates on Melchizedek in relation to Christ, born first of God, before any human birth via Yoseph and Marium:
“…without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God, remains a priest forever.” (Heb. 7:3) NKJV
We know that Melchizedek was a living king of Salam (Jerusalem), yet we are struck by the fact that he was described as infinite, without a mother or father. Thus, it is right to conclude that at some point that he took on a physical body, beyond dwelling with a God who is Spirit for infinite times past. But who was the firstborn of God, and not humankind, whom God created a body for? Was it Adam or the Messiah? Adam was called the “son of God” (cf. Luke 3:38)
(2,191,455,000Ga – 1,826,212,500Ga)
This day begins just before the Orosirian period of the Proterozoic Eon and ends before the fourth quarter of the Paleoproterozoic Era of the Proterozoic Eon.
The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep [oceans]. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day. (Gen. 1:2-5) NKJV; intrpl. mine
As perceivable from the above passage, no novel lifeforms were created during this epoch.
(1,826,212,500Ga – 1,460,970,000Ga)
Then God said, “Let there be a firmament [expanse] in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” Thus God made the firmament [expanse], and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so [accomplished]. And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day. (Gen. 1:6-8) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Much like the previous epoch, no novel lifeforms or biotic developments were created or undergone during this epoch.
(1,460,970,000Ga – 1,095,727,500Ga)
The God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth [earth], and the gathering of the waters He called Seas [seas]. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, “Let the earth bring for grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and God saw that it was good. So the evening and the morning were the third day. (Gen. 1:9-13) NKJV; intrpl. mine
(NB: multicellular reported 1Ga. Red algae eukaryotes 1.2 Ga)
ERATHEMIC DAY TEN (Doubled G. Day 4)
(1,095,727,500Ga – 730,485,000Ma)
Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so. Then God made two great lights [luminaries]: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also. God set them in the firmament [expanse] of the heavens to give light on the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. So evening and morning were the fourth day. (Gen. 1:14-19) NKJV; intrpl. mine
(NB:According to the geological time scale, Earth was like a snowball around 750 million years ago. Possibly there were two periods of frozen earth. I imagine that a blizzard-like condition might have darkened the atmosphere, like a swirling blanket covering the world. Whatever may have caused the condition, the Genesis account for this day appears to record a coming out of darkness and global warming.)
(730,485,000 Ma – 365,242,500 Ma)
This day begins in the Neoproterozoic era until about 540Ma and continues through the Paleozoic era.  
Paleozoic Points, PDI
Paleozoic Points, PDI

Then God said, “Let the waters about with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.” So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.” So the evening and the morning were the fifth day. (Gen. 1:20-23) NKJV

From the beginning of the Ediacaran period (635 Ma) within the Neoproterozoic era (Precambrian) to the Cambrian Explosion (530 Ma) of the Paleozoic era, most of Earth’s known phyla have been discovered in the stratigraphic record, with merely 3 from the Precambrian ages and at least 20 such novel lifeforms from the Cambrian. Many of the fossils for these disparate creatures were discovered in Canada by an early-20th century paleontologist and devout Darwinist by the name of Charles D. Walcott, which was a life-saver for the already failing theory:
All of the fossilized animals of the Burgess Shale were sea creatures living near an enormous carbonate reef that later was thrust upward by plate tectonic activity to former what is now called the Cathedral Escarpment. Long after the sea creatures of the burgess Shale were entombed, these tectonic plate forces drove the fossils upward from the seafloor carrying them miles eastward along faults, at the same time building the mountains that Walcott would climb millions of years later. – Stephen Meyers Ph.D., Darwin’s Doubt, p. 45
The explosion of fauna during this epoch also included the first of what we would today recognize as fish and sea mammals. One of these famous fish is the Myllokunmingia fengjiaoa, of the more recent Chengjiang fossil discoveries. Another that is quickly gaining fame is the Tamisiocaris borealis that was discovered in Greenland.
These fauna of anatomically and structurally unique body plans, as many paleontologists and scientists and theorists of various disciplines have painstakingly affirmed, have turned failed Darwinian TOLs upside-down, as Stephen Meyers painstakingly makes plain in his book. Rather than gradual descent with slight mutation modifications or increasing diversification that slowly formed unique anatomical/structural animals, the opposite conclusion holds empirically true: In every era- although most apparent in Meyer’s Cambrian affirmation- of the geological record, unique creatures appear abruptly on the scene and replace others, live millions of years without notable changes (stasis), and usually, just as abruptly, go extinct. In short, neo-Darwinism does not come close to explaining life. This was true with the dinosaurs coming and going, and it is perceived even more glaringly-clear with the Cambrian period.
Scripture, according to ATLAS theory, accounts for this explosion of new phyla in the Cambrian. Moreover this correlates with the passage whereof God said, “Let the waters abound [swarm] with an abundance of living creatures.” Every living thing that the waters permitted, even flying things, had their archetypical ancestors from this period. This is not to say that macroevolution is true, or that any organism evolved, but rather that God would take from these creatures many archetypical designs and genetic sequences, and perhaps other things that He and His helpers would utilize as they continued to create the world’s vast assortments of animals. They were commanded to fill the oceans and the atmosphere.
How many scientists would it take to build but one, unique phylum of this epoch? We can envision hundreds of scientists in a coordinated effort, in their lab coats peering down microscopes and pounding out keys on their computers, with burning eyes for lack of sleep. The correct answer, however, is zero. Scientists cannot so much as create a single-celled organisms, much less create and coordinate anatomical systems for novel, living creatures. They cannot build one compound eyes from inert chemicals. What they can do is play with genetics and make mutations to existing parts and systems, with animals already extant. And when they do make mutations to healthy fauna for their manifold experiments, the commonality of their works is that they produce an biota product inferior to that which they received from God.
Why is this relevant? Stating these truths is not altogether for the purpose of scrutinizing the brightest naturalistic minds of our times, but to lead the reader to the obvious fact that a much higher comprehension of systemic biological interdependences, with accompanying ability to act upon it, was necessary to create these abruptly-appearing animals with all their amazing novelties. So having you, the reader, envisioning geneticists and anatomists and biochemists and other scientists working together for creating organisms is entirely relevant to this theory. Why?
Concerning the previous epoch of the fourth Genesis day, I wrote about the “luminaries” that God enlisted the service of. “Let us make” is a very revealing statement, and I doubt that it only applied later to creating humans in God’s image. I realize that the Bible clearly affirms that God created everything, but that does not mean that He could not entrust subordinates. Did Solomon build what is called “Solomon’s Temple” by himself? So God created, and He also spoke at times, whereas His angels and nature itself obeyed Him. So although the Book of Job only states that “the morning starts sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy” at seeing His works, when He “shut in the sea” and “made clouds” the earth’s garment, it is likely that the angels, which Paul states that we are a “little lower” than, were there to do more than witness.
If we count our scientists knowledgeable, we should consider that the works that they currently cannot accomplish were performed by those who are a little higher than them. We should consider that these stars and great lights helped in works that random nature and purposive scientists cannot accomplish, neither with 5 million years or all the chemical in the world and thousands of labs at their disposal. 
The first multicellular animals of record began to appear about 545 to 542 Ma, such as sponges and animals without limbs, mouths, heads, or any distinguishable arthropod features, although it is often asserted that “trace fossils” establish that there were worms, mollusks, arthropods, etc. even earlier. Trace fossils basically means tracks, but even if earlier tracks and fossils of these spherical organisms are validated, they do nothing for explaining the abrupt emergences of animals in the Cambrian explosion, of half a dozen or so million years in duration.
When devout evolutionists rage that the world is almost 4.6 billion years old to convince others of the possibility of gradualistic macroevolution, they are essentially being intellectually dishonest, omitting that the first billion years of the earth’s record does not host remains of life; and the following three billion years contains only single-celled organisms, mostly cyanobacteria. We often hear the propaganda, when evolutionists deemphasize how important the Cambrian period is. The fossil record shows the opposite of gradual evolution from single-celled organisms to modern species over billions of years; it boasts explosions of unique lifeforms and discontinuities, which for intellectually-honest people are essential facts needing consideration when forming a prehistoric worldview. New multicellular organisms may be found in earlier biota, but none will exceed 730 million years ago, and whatever will be found will only further confound the failed theory of evolution, with the earth’s persistent void of imaginary transitionals.
The Cambrian explosion of new animal phyla began about 530 Ma, which coincide with oxygen reaching present day levels sometime before 500 million years ago. Along these lines, the first land plants appeared. So creations of this era apparently fueled the flourishing of one another- those living things producing carbon dioxide and needing oxygen, and those producing oxygen and needing carbon dioxide.
Flying insects also appear in this day, with earliest fossils about 400 Ma. This is important because the “birds” in the Genesis account alludes to flying things, which is left open to interpretation. Birds, as we know them, have not turned-up in this era. The Hebrew word “owph” in Genesis and other Scriptures simply means covered, as bodies covered by wings. The same word is used when Moses spoke of flying insects in the Book of Leviticus and elsewhere. The KJV has owph translated “fowl” for both Genesis and Leviticus, but, as we will see, other versions such as NKJV have more accurately translated owph “insect” to not confuse our modern understanding. In Torah, God specifically instructed Israelites concerning what they could eat “among the birds,” and locusts and other flying insects were included in that list (cf. Lev. 11:13-23). So we find that God does not categorize His groups as we do today, but rather by their notable features- in this case covering wings.
“All flying insects [owph] that creep on all fours shall be an abomination to you. Yet these you may eat of every flying insect that creeps on all fours: those which have jointed legs above their feet with which to leap on the earth.” (Lev. 11:20-21) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Again, this day correlates with the fossil facts God’s classification of creatures differ that of modern science. When “birds” or “fowl” are included in Genesis, we can get the wrong idea of what is or is not being disclosed. So our reading the passage in a language other than ancient Hebrew is subtly subject to the interpretative versions of the translators. The purpose of pointing this out is to show that not only do the oceans being filled with abundant life correspond with the scientific conclusions of this important period, but the first flying creatures also fit the biblical account, as per this theory.
The first birds that I know of from the fossil record are the Protoavis Texensis that appear at the time of the first dinosaurs. In 1986 Shankar Chatterjee and colleagues at Texas Tech University were amazed to discover fossilized bird remains that allegedly date back about 75 million years earlier than Archaeopteryx (i.e., 225 Ma). What this means is that Archaeopteryx could not be an ancestor, in evolutionary thinking, of modern birds, which devout Darwinists had long-asserted as facts for their favored and failed theory. Personally, I think God purposely makes fools out of evolutionists by destroying all their materialistic hopes.
I have already shown that this epoch of ATLAS theory corresponds with contemporary scientific conclusions for the first sea animals and flying insect fauna. But I will take it a step farther and predict that even older avian fossils will eventually churn up that correlate with day 5 (this one rather than the next). This is a bold prediction- that fossils of birds will emerge that precede Protoavis Texensis by at least 140 million years- but theories should make bold predictions. Neo-Darwinists give us lots of bold predictions of imagined intermediates that should exist throughout the fossil record, which never pan out and never existed, so I think a little postulation is fair play.
In fact, let us take it a little further and claim that half of the fossils from the Precambrian era were but small, dislodged feathers, particularly the ones named Charnia. Paleontologists and scientists in general do not agree on what they were, so we might as well call them avian features. If mammals and creatures with complex anatomies and multi-screen eyes can share the period, little birds could have sang alongside them.
(365,242,500Ma – Present Day)
This day begins in the Paleozoic era until about 254Ma and proceeds through the Mesozoic era and Cenozoic era unto present day.   
Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind”; and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be as food. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so. Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day. (Gen. 1:24-31) NKJV; intrpl. mine
God began this era with amphibians which first appear in the earth’s record about 360Ma. The oldest dinosaurs date back to about 230Ma, within the Triassic period (250-200 Ma). The Jurassic was from about 200-144Ma, followed by the Cretaceous period of 144-65Ma. This 6th (12th total) epochal day began 365,242,500 years ago and ends in our present age, when man is perfected into the new man in Christ.
For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.” Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. (1 Cor. 1:19-21) NKJV

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