Humble Creatures, Prepare for War!

Ordinary Origins of Life or Extraordinary Engineering & Divine Design?
(Updated 1/7/17)

Materialism Fails Bible Proves True
Materialism Fails, Bible Proves True

The Creation Science theories (e.g., ATLAS, New Genesis, Prophetic Genesis, and DIDO) in these articles, correlated to the contemporary geological timescale under the Moedim Paradigm (i.e., the appointed times structure of prophetic Torah) were not originally intended to be written, but they came about much as a rabbit is unmindfully lured by scents of fresh, glistening garden carrots and produce into a farmer’s awaiting trap. 

I, Levi, the scribe of this work, was in the midst of writing a lengthy, exegetical manuscript on the Book of Revelation when I reached a certain place where the naturalist worldview and biblical faith often part ways: the story of Noah’s Ark and the entire Genesis account of the prediluvian creation. I was reflecting upon young-Earth catastrophism hypotheses of creation scientist Dr. Walt Brown and available geological support and uniformitarian rebuttals of his Hydroplate Theory, as well as how the biblical cataclysm of the Noahic Flood has numerous parallels and foreshadowings indicative of the Apocalypse’s prophesied tribulations, and from there this investigation into my own, somewhat peculiar biblical history model of dualistic creationism was encouraged- one which features a young-Earth regional restoration for Eden that timely ripples out into an old-Earth creation, i.e., in eons of proto-history. Specifically, research began as I stumbled upon empirical data on ancient Sumerians that supplied addition support to my nascent New Genesis Theory’s framework- my new interpretation of Genesis’ first two chapters.



Young-Earth creationism (YEC), which is generally known in most Western nations as the prevalent Judeo-Christian worldview, provides a model for scientific investigations that generally serves its proponents well in producing volumes of scholarly works that greatly challenge various claims of the Theory of Evolution. Likewise, old-Earth creationism (OEC) models have provided progressive creationism tools that their science-minded adherents put to work in serious efforts to harmonize Genesis scriptures with natural facts relevant to its biblical claims. The old-Earth creationist camp is divided into several subdivisions or veins of beliefs that generally do not subscribe to abiogenesis hypotheses and the neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution (e.g., Framework Theory and Gap Theory). But in agreement with much of the Theory of Evolution and various hypotheses of “chemical evolution”- the secularly popular belief of what was for centuries before us called “spontaneous generation”- are smaller, non-Catholic Christianity camps (e.g., evangelical Bio-Logos). The majority, however, of theistic evolutionists in the Western world is united under the ancient banner of Roman Catholicism.
The Genesis theories of creation days and conclusions disclosed in this work cannot be neatly fitted for the current models of Judeo-Christian scientists and theorists (as summarized above). Although this work takes a line-upon-line, literalist approach at drawing out rippling time sequences from the Genesis account, its correlates best with the contemporary geological framework of science and the welcoming construct of the Intelligent Design (ID) movement- a growing, non-biblical organization of scientists and theorists who indeed embrace scientific integrity on the subjects of purposively-engineered origins (see Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell) and designed diversification of life. ID theorists, whom I have no private association, investigate nature under the premise that inferences to best conclusions and emerging empirical facts superbly challenge the current theories of abiogenesis and macroevolution, while remaining faithful to ancient eons of unique lifeforms.
Thus, with a collage of correlating Genesis time sequences, it soon became apparent that I needed to offer a new model of biblical creationism that could provide precise dating for God’s ancient works concerning Earth’s long history- one more fine-tuned than methodological naturalism. I also concluded that it should offer serious Bible-enthusiasts better comprehension of interwoven, prophetic Scriptures than current models of creationism.
The model presented in this work is similar to OEC’s model of an ancient Earth, but it keeps with YEC’s view of the accuracy of scriptural genealogies and its historical years since the time that Adam and Eve lived in southern Mesopotamia, c. 4000 B.C. Perhaps a nice way to describe the new creationism model provided in this work is revelatory creationism, wherein scriptural times and creation events ripple out from small-scaled, localized works to a larger scale of eons of creation. The former actually mirrors the latter, as will soon be discerned.
The idea is that God, with His superior intelligence, can provide a single time sequence and summary in Genesis that confesses both recent history in the Garden of Eden region and a world history of His creative works- much like the transcription process of genetic information for protein synthesis. This concept is not new for Jewish or Christian thinkers; rather, it is commonly perceived by biblical scholars as God’s scriptural method of dual prophetic fulfillment, and in Torah where confessions or descriptions from two or more witnesses are centered upon a single claim or postulated event. The claim in this work is that God directs us with this method of exegetical duality for historians looking back, as with Genesis per se, as He has for those who look forward in prophetic times. This model will be explained a little later for readers to consider, but for now it is important for us to know that there is much more to Genesis than has thus far been conceived. Indeed, the Book of God confesses an unequalled intelligence from a Creator who explains multiple histories in a single passage.
Comprehending its basic structure requires only an elementary knowledge of biblical history and a sincere will to learn. However, after it is learned, those who know Scriptures can easily perceive that a parables-paradigm of confessing stories professes it throughout the entire Bible.
This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.
fruits & vegetables, pdi

As I continued my research for New Genesis Theory, or more like follow the trail of an alluring aroma from fresh produce (fruits of scientific investigations) that so profusely permeates the ancient air on subjects related to the universal origin of life, pages of my eschatological work began to fill with supportive empirical data and ideas for numerous moedim hypotheses, which thereafter led to new biblical theories. The more I investigated messianic Scriptures in the paler (but broad) light of recent scientific discoveries (i.e., over the last century), the more facts there were to incorporate, and what began as a lengthy intrusion into one of my apocalyptic chapters soon became a work of its own.

Additionally, what became a little book of its own eventually had to be trimmed of hundreds of unnecessary pages (against the naturalism paradigm) simply to maintain a sensible size work that casual readers in today’s marketplace of competing origins ideas might consider exploring. Finally, I was informed by potential publishers that the trimmed-down work would need to be divided into volumes.

When it comes to the sticky subjects of universal origins and diversification of life, there is simply too much explanatory work needed for a brief book to suffice. In the end, I decided to place several of the Moedim Paradigm works together in online articles, although they all fit within the same timely structure. Besides, I never felt completely comfortable with the thought of trying to sell books on crucial things that should be free to public interest. So a work that at first countered materialism assertions, offering a better comprehension of the Genesis creation, has transcended many of the original arguments as biblical evidences of the new paradigm became manifest. The simple truth is, we cannot fight on every front if we want to reveal something new and capture readers’ attention. Hence, I determined that it is enough to offer a new creation paradigm (with a few jabs at the materialist paradigm, to free some believers from their mental captivity) and store the remainder of my battle pages in a private armory. Our ultimate victory cannot come solely by critiquing abiogenesis and the so-called “Modern Synthesis” to scorn; faith is served better by something better replacing them.  
The Materialism Orthodoxy Prison, PDI
The Materialism Orthodoxy Prison, PDI

But like the plight of the rabbit in the earlier analogy, my elation was by no means absolute upon discovering supportive evidences and parallels for these theories, since beyond the scientific data there lies a faulty and spiritually draining trapping paradigm- one erroneously placed over the true fruits and vegetables of God’s creative works. While carrots and like edibles may indeed be tasty to wandering rabbits, the massive trap and its supporting snares possess dynamic potential for stealing much-needed focus and vitality away from any hungry investigator of nature, simply because the mechanisms of materialism at first appear too solid and powerful for humble little creatures like rabbits to overcome.

That trap, if not already guessed, is Darwin’s erroneous Theory of Evolution, which can also be suitably compared to a massive mental maze, wherein an honest investigator of God’s natural works could spend his or her lifetime dismantling but one of its tautological claims. If the trapping mechanism of the theory was not so intimidating to many Christians, I would not sully these pages by mentioning or rebutting macroevolution, but the rotten fruits must first be discerned from the good ones of scientific progress.

Biblical truths of creation that I had already partially understood to fit the Moedim Paradigm (structure of Divinely-appointed times), that I had not cared to detail to scientific specifics, began to demand greater attention as they assembled in my mind. Particularly, growing speculation of the paradigm’s potential to correlate biblical time with contemporary geological time compelled me to consider creation beyond the beginning of the Holocene and its biblical-paralleling (geographical and meteorological) conditions thereafter in southern Mesopotamia.
Moreover, first I began to take my historical picture of the lives of Adam and Eve in the region and time (with clues from ancient cuneiform tablets), then I garnished it with available scientific data to provide a more-revealing description of the earliest literary account of human life (i.e., first biblical lives besides the mysterious “sons of God” in Genesis and Job, who reproduced with the progeny of Adam and Eve). Then I took the measurement of Divine time provided in the Bible, that I utilized in New Genesis Theory, along with the appointed beginning and end of this current age, and I compared it (12,000 years) again with what is now known of the age and formation of the ancient planet and its biosphere. Thus, I discovered a rippling confession.

Distraught Prisoners, PDI
Distraught Paradigm Prisoners, PDI

While adding secular research support to the framework of New Genesis Theory, I began investigating the aforementioned opposing views on creation and organic origins to make comparisons and potentially broad-based concessions from my mounting Genesis hypotheses, particularly if any of my own ideas were found to contradict empirical facts or the brighter light of Divine Scriptures. I sought by all means to separate my subjective beliefs, as well as those offered by naturalists and creationists, from the corporeal evidences and the truths of biblical disclosures.

For example, at first the subject of original sin slowed this work, but the Lord soonafter revealed how it is indeed supportive, not troublesome, to an ancient creation worldview. In short, I had to separate all natural philosophy and theological interpretations of Scripture, even my own preconceived notions, and only consider Scriptures alongside empirical facts. The conclusion I reached is that the Bible offers a Divine measurement of time with a framework of creation events that indeed coincides with a planet that is approximately 4.5 billion years old. I did not make that conclusion lightly nor depend on science to reach it.

While I initially preferred to present NGT sola scriptura, as a historically-evidenced model specifically written for other Bible-believers (without regards to science and antitheists who do not trust in the accuracy of scriptural passages), such is not the winding path that the rabbit was compelled to traverse by the chasing Farmer. Upon latter reflection over my initial dilemma and the transcendent wisdom of God, I concluded that without science some of these theories would but add- at least in skeptical minds that are unfamiliar with the authenticity and accuracy of Scriptures- to the many unsubstantiated religious myths that pepper the world with mystical nonsense.
Instead, New Genesis and the early theories of this work were routed down a quasi-scientific pathway where the Scriptures parallel natural facts, as a path whereupon many Bible-believers yet await an old-Earth model with answers to specific questions asked in the paler light of corporeal knowledge- seeking a more adequate, biblical model or paradigm than religion or today’s macroevolutionary worldview of strict materialism can offer. Any model of creation that cannot correlate the timely framework of Genesis and empirical facts should be rejected, but I believe that the Lord has chased me down a narrow path where one actually does.
(NB: I consider this journey into secular science quasi-scientific because the goal of this work is to reveal biblical mysteries with disclosures that generally correlate with conclusions of natural sciences. Moreover, Scripture is the authoritative Document for this work rather than speculations and hypotheses that are customarily given a priori status by science “authorities”. Scientific theories change, but the Bible endures as it is. Most Bible-believers are not seeking more just-so macroevolution stories, which abundantly abound in the media culture of secular scientism, but answers on how biblical disclosures correlate tenably with contemporary claims possessing empirical evidences.) 
With so many Jews and Christians losing faith in the Genesis account to an ever-increasing, uncompromisingly materialistic view of the world, especially over the last century (often altogether abandoning the Divinity and historical accuracy of the Torah’s account), I found it necessary to begin writing what I thought would be a brief, general exegesis of the biblical framework- one that could possibly pacify my potential readers’ minds without causing them to lose focus on the greater, eschatological theme of the book that I was writing. A recent Pew Research Center poll (2012-2013) revealed that 68% of American Jews surveyed do not believe in God, and I suppose that much of that has to do with the exceptionally high number of Jews with careers in natural sciences, which of course present a materialism worldview that challenges many ultra-literal interpretations of Genesis.
The same poll, along with others, indicated a decline in the growth of the Christian faith in Europe and North America, with secular atheism continuing to outpace the growing number of believers. While the teleological beliefs of Judeo-Christianity are increasing our numbers in South America, parts of Asia, Africa (despite Muslim genocide of Christians), and elsewhere, much of the Western world of biblical faith has suffered great setbacks in an ongoing struggle between two embattled worldviews. Indeed, we are living in the midst of a centuries-long culture war, and materialists have besieged the sciences in which our faithful had embarked upon in the West to know the mind of God; they’ve seized academia and media, conducting litmus tests to discriminate against Bible-believers and other dissenters.
Thus, I sought to skim through some of the key controversial and unresolved issues regarding Genesis; muffle a bit of the popular discord by lightly addressing the Bible’s historical accuracy; and, in the process, satisfy my conscience by offering a few halfhearted explanations of how the Genesis account parallels the well-documented ancient history of the region. At least, those were my initial intentions, and they seemed sensible at the time. 
Yet at a certain point in my writing, the reality of my lax attempt struck me as somewhat disingenuous and unworthy of the glory of God’s insightful designs, for in explaining end-times prophecies from the Book of Revelation and its correlations to other prophetic books of Scripture, I found myself writing quite in depth about the clever design of a roof of a house and its hypostyle pillars of solid, historical facts while its Genesis foundation and cosmology remain in the “questionable status” for many Bible-believers; moreover, its literary disclosures are completely denied by a great number of the people whom I was writing to invite to a journey throughout the architecture of Revelation rafters. A great house must have a solid and sensible foundation to establish what is constructed upon it, yet I had previously (and purposely) neglected elaborating on organic origin subjects to avoid unnecessary controversies which, in turn, I did not then feel that God had given me the inspiration nor educational insight to help resolve. My plate was already overflowing with messianic prophecy and biblical symbolism. To venture into such things was to enter an intellectual battlefield, and I was ill-suited to do so.
Despite my initial reluctance to pushing too far into dead things that were perhaps best left buried in the distant past or fought over by others, I found myself (an ordinary Christian) standing at the scientific roots of these organic origins debates- disadvantaged among greater minds of scientists, theorists, and field researchers while increasing in my zeal for biblical truths and correlations. There, I searched through much of the ever-accumulating facts (and more often than not, science fiction) that relate to life’s ultimate beginning and even materialists’ more imaginative models of organic development through time. If ever there was an option to be there searching through their investigative works, or the option to retreat from correlating Scriptures to contemporary science, it became more of a command when the Lord our Messiah said, “Restore this,” and thereafter brought the tools I would need to accomplish His objectives: to report the news that God is again laying claim on all of creation.

The Orthodoxy Guards of Nature, PD Image
The Orthodoxy Guards of Nature, pdi
Looking back, it seemed then as if the curious rabbit had somewhat foolishly found the hungry wolves, wild dogs, mischievous hyenas, and a pack of cozening coyotes- all clever by predatory natures and roaming about in a mad click for cunning- as well as where they built their sharp snares for unfortunate little creatures like me, the scribe, who venture too far into their dogmatically protected and patrolled domains. Many inquiring birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other smaller animals had left but one foreboding message in the fearsome signs of their struggles, which became increasingly obvious when witnessing their slaughtered remains: “Run! Run and don’t look back!” But there was nowhere left for any true Bible-believer to run in proclaiming God’s Good News, for the cunning click of the crafty had already laid claim on all of creation and Earth’s entire history. The predatory beasts of materialism conformity had slain a number of humbler resisters and taken hostages of many of the once free-thinking researchers of nature.
When I compare average Bible-believers such as myself to rabbits, the comparison is not so much a self-depleting insult asserting our weak ineffectiveness as it is an appropriately descriptive metaphor that offers considerable insight into our collective behavioral patterns, at least when it comes to encountering the nefarious forces of anti-creationism in today’s scientism culture. Undoubtedly, we reproductively retain large numbers by our faith and possess many sharp ears to detect encroaching dangers in our daily faiths and religious practice, at least when huddled together, but solo explorations of materialistic sciences, laden with their atheistic philosophy, is not something that most of us consider smart; far too often we’ve witnessed the cunning coyotes rip apart God’s curious and vulnerable creationists, at least the ones who made the mistake of making too much noise while travelling their organic paths of scientific investigations. Worse, we at times witness the only true form of macroevolution in action when one of our own morphs into an enemy beast with a mission to reach out and devour the very rabbits that he or she had once humbly sat among. Hence, passivity and indifference to their intellectual assaults have become a means of our survival.
We know that the snarling coyotes and their friends could not care any less about the old-fashion virtue of fair play in the tactics they employ to destroy all dissenters, via utilizing national media, science journalism, public education and universities, restrictive internet forums, straw man debates, ACLU and other measures of legal intimidation, etc. We also realize that life has not called us all to be debating scientists, which seems to have at some point in time been superimposed as a requirement for promoting any credible, respectable worldview. Thus, we (collectively) have purposely shied away from what we know to consist of character-and intellect assassinations, simply because we Bible-believers are constantly reminded of what awaits any little creature who noisily investigates the trapping mechanism of the well-protected, materialist paradigm.

Humble Creatures Stand, PD Image
Humble Creatures Stand, PDI
Thus I, the lowly scribe of this site, became somewhat of a recon rabbit, camouflaged in nature by Creative Design to sneak in and gain my much-needed origins reconnaissance, even as I cautiously set my invisible tripwires for an upcoming paradigm shift.
While disguised on location, I watched the carnally-minded coyotes, worldly wolves, and associated beasts-of-burden build their Darwinian snares as they continued in efforts to chip-away at the theological foundations of biblical creationism, with ever-emerging data supportive of long eons of time. The Farmer had allowed them to set their antitheism trap and its accompanying snares over His wonderful works for a yet-undisclosed, but soon to be revealed, purpose; but I was among those who were earnestly eager to rescue the small P.O.W.s from their prison camps of mass conformity to societal scientism. Vast amounts of geological time seemed to be the beasts’ only true intelligent weapon: a biological weapon buried in the geological strata- a weapon so powerful that many of the imprisoned creatures would not biblically reconsider the appointed times to help them plan their release and intellectual liberty. Nevertheless, escape routes were eventually configured according to the Farmer’s higher wisdom, and a plan of scandalous proportion was set in motion. 

Occasionally, some of the secularly-indoctrinated coyotes and a few yelping wild dogs showed admirable integrity by daring to critique their prebiotic chemical evolution stories, as well as the many inadequacies of the neo-Darwinian mechanism for engineering biological complexities; this they did impulsively when sudden insight of empirically-contradicting facts and best conclusions came blaring to light, but the more dogmatic coyote officers would quickly gnaw them back into marching order before they could morph into humbler creatures that could confess the weaknesses of their beloved paradigm to their submitted Western prisoners. Most of the time, however, they simply ignored anything that would break their unity or question their authority.

Hares Prepare For WAR!! PDI
Hares, Prepare For WAR!! PDI

Yet not too far away, I also spied the unwearied warriors of nature: hardened research hares and tough raccoons of Creation Science and Intelligent Design. There I watched them hardly backing down to scientists’ random biotic occurism hypotheses, but, in their infiltrations and take-overs of the beasty camps and hilly terrains, they were aptly slashing away at the chemical evolution roots (i.e., abiogenesis) and shredding the insufficient trunk and node mechanisms of neo-Darwinian beliefs- pretty much the entire “modern synthesis” model (phylogenetic tree). Some of the creation scientists were defending biblical roots with empirical data to support young-Earth hypotheses, while others did so with old-Earth interpretations of disputed passages. ID scientists, however, persistently denied or excluded any official religious doctrine or deity to make their cases for an undisclosed designer, often offering indifferent creatures peer-reviewable works centered upon specified complexities of genetic information and intricate, irreducible complexities in functioning organismal features. They were the masked raccoons of mathematicians, engineers, and scientists with sharp claws that the coyotes probably feared most, for they happily snooped about unabated to investigate every little nook and cranny of the wild. And, having spied their number, they seemed to be a thoroughly mixed group with Protestants, Catholics, Jews, agnostics, and plausibly some pondering extraterrestrial design, although it has been difficult to tell with them dutifully wearing the materialism masks of “scientific principle” that were woven long ago by the dogs of methodological naturalism. 

Another group of peculiar, zebra-like creatures, dressed to impress as nature’s virtuous and graceful referees, appeared in form to be living transitionals with their homology striped somewhere between a joyous jackrabbit and an angry junkyard dog- dragging their muddied Bibles behind them on heavy chains that they sometimes openly despised. Their long heads were indeed held high and their clothing appeared unbiased, but upon closer inspection their forms betrayed the image that they had sought hard to portray. The front pages of their Bibles were torn out, for the Scriptures of these seasoned Christian evolutionists served primarily as their rule books, although the coyotes could obviously not care less for their ethics and beliefs. Some of them, however, carried their Bibles honorably nonetheless as they drifted back and forth between opposing camps, seeking to forge a treaty between animals with very different natures and worldviews in mind. And while I thought to remind them not to throw their “pearls before swine” and their flesh before the hungry beasts, I noticed that their vision was limited, and protecting them from their own naivety would surely prove a futile expedition.
After much contemplation, I completed my reconnaissance mission by reviewing the arguments of six primary camps that appear most relevant to the biblical record of Divine creation: 1) atheistic naturalism (abiogenesis, macroevolution); 2) young-Earth creationism (special creation based upon biblical genealogies and history since approximately 6,000 ka); 3) old-Earth creationism (progressive creation frameworks of Earth beginning c. 4.54 Ga, followed by a recreation gap c. 10,000-6,000 ka); 4) theistic evolution (apologetic deism with the Neo-Darwinism construct); 5) JEPD Documentary Hypothesis (scholarly dismissals of biblical authenticity via weak claims of oral traditions and/or myths for Genesis, as written by Jewish scribes during/after Babylonian captivity 6st-4th centuries BC); and 6) ID science (viz. their rebuttals of abiogenesis and neo-Darwinian posturing).
From investigating these camps of the organic origins battlefield, I now feel that I have come to adequately understand the weaknesses and strengths of the predominate arguments that divide many people on the subject of biblical creation. I also believe that I have properly reviewed them in comparison to what I maintain to be true of the prophetic history and great mysteries of the Bible. Although my understanding and analogies may justifiably be called “biased” from an evolutionist’s viewpoint, seeing that I first possessed biblical faith before venturing into these things, I must affirm that my investigations into creation have never been so biased for my God that I would consider ignoring any clear, empirical fact while laboring to form my ultimate conclusions and correlations.
Seemingly unfalsifiable paradigms are traps, and for this reason I compared getting drawn in neo-Darwinian evolution to being allured by carrots and fruits into a farmer’s cage. Nevertheless, slipping into the trap of material determinism has not been altogether fruitless, simply because Bible-believers must inspect the trapping paradigm to understand how we can dismantle its clever mechanisms and free others with a better understanding in the process. More importantly, the glistening carrots and other fresh produce had to be carried from the coyotes’ dark cages and delivered to the hares of the wilderness, and I suppose that the rabbit on the run had to first learn how to break others free from the comfortable confines of political-correctness, indifference, and scientistic conformity.
God is the Farmer, the carrots are true knowledge, and the myths of the neo-Darwinian paradigm are the trap/snares (or delusions) placed over His true works in nature. By exploring the great trap and its snares I believe that we are able to offer the fresh fruits of Divine works, as so routed in the chase by God. By identifying and dismantling materialist mechanisms, Bible-believers can escape the rhetorical spin of philosophical naturalism and possibly prevent a desperately-sought, third theory of macroevolution from being popularly built on new science myths that could lead future generations further astray from biblical truths. So we can escape the snares and rotten fruits of scientism as we agree to take the good produce of God’s works, gathered by scientists, back to believers so that they might better prepare our festive tables. 
Not all hardened hares of long field research are expected to prefer carrot tops, celery, dandelion greens, or watercress to buds, twigs, shoots, and hard foods, but for some of them this delivery may indeed be a sample of the Farmer’s crops that they have eagerly awaited with hunger. For others, it may leave bad tastes in their mouths, seeing that a great deal of scientific data and logical hypotheses has been superbly assembled upon theories of a young Planet Earth. Some of these brilliant creatures are found in the “True Origins” group online; I know because I have carefully read all of their articles. For them and others, vegetation brought from a faraway place may not be preferred over the fresh finds and fruits of their hard labors.
But I can only ask them to consider that when the Farmer sets His festive table, it should be expected that new dishes will be brought in from exotic places and offered in their proper order of discourse. And the table being restored will not lack an abundance of new foods from new recipes. First there must be restoration of the basic timely framework; then the new dishes being served may be found quite tasty indeed, with fellowship superseding exegetical strivings.

Rambo the Rabbit, PD Image
Rambo the Rabbit, PDI
I will stand upon my watch and set myself on the rampart, and watch to see what He will say to me, and what I will answer when I am corrected. Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets [make plain the Law], that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time [moed]; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, and it will not tarry…Behold, is it not of the LORD of hosts that the people labor to feed the fire, and the nations weary themselves in vain? For the earth will be filled with the knowledge [science] of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab. 2:1-3, 13-14) NKJV; intrpl. mine; (NB: This passage is understood in the light of dual prophetic fulfillments, meaning that God will also make plain His words at the end of the age.)
Scripture is factual from its very beginning (cf. Ps. 119:60), but to understand how Genesis is empirically true, the entire Book is needed for reproof and instruction in doctrine (see 2 Tim. 3:16). Scripture interprets Scripture and we “live and have our beings” according to “every Word,” not merely by the Genesis summary of how life began. These things require a deeper search than merely reading the first two chapters at the pinnacle of creationism. If a scientific model of creation is to be properly constructed on Scripture, it must deal with all Scriptures that relate to it, and it must be patiently heard in full by those desiring to perceive how it is constructed. One does not need but read the introduction to any book in order to justify its pinnacle claims. Dismissing or ignoring the volume of its contents does not support an assertion of perfect insight. And neither should we do so with Divine Scriptures. 
Consider the Pharisee Nicodemus’ rebuke of his peers at the famous trial of Orthodox Judaism v. Yeshua HaMashiach (see John 7:51): “Does our law judge a man before it hears and understands what he is doing?” The Lord Messiah has left us a revelatory and scientific model of creation hidden within the depths of His prophetic Scriptures, centered upon Him, but its confessions must be considered in full to understand how fundamental truths of Genesis fit the contemporary historical framework. (NB: That model will be revealed in this work.)
Blessed is that man who makes the LORD [YHVH] his trust, and does not respect the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies. Many, O LORD my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done; and Your thoughts towards us cannot be recounted to You in order; if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered. Sacrifice and offering You did not desire; my ears You have opened. Burnt offering and sin offering You did not require. Then I said, “Behold, I come; in the scroll of the book [Bible] it is written of me.” (Ps. 40:4-7) NKJV; intrpl. mine
Biblical passages interweave the creation with messianic prophecies that have to do with the two arrivals of the Great King and foreshadowing sacrifices of Old Covenant Scriptures. What I seek to make plain in this work is an elaborate messianic framework of Scriptures that must be learned to perceive how Genesis correlates beautifully with relevant scientific facts. Under the torahic template of Moshe is a hidden model of time that connects these enigmatic truths with symbolism, all of which are centered upon Christ. Although the fullness of God’s works and His thoughts concerning them cannot be recounted by scientists or theologians, a true framework exists that can be expounded to help readers comprehend how all these things are brilliantly interwoven. This timely skeleton of the body of Scripture will be disclosed to halt all religious twisting and unnatural bending of its passages. When it is comprehended, it will prove to be a better model of scientific exploration than current paradigms of science and religion. 
Therefore, in consideration of these things we know, we will zealously defend the trust that believers continue to place in Scripture while removing the stumbling blocks of doubts on passages of creation, which only appear to be irreconcilable with empirical facts of science. We will do this and set the captives of scientism conformity free via our proper interpretations, whereby orthodox religious misconceptions and doctrines must also be corrected, if they are to stay relevant as biblical scholars. The Moedim Paradigm is the true framework of God. It should be heeded.
In warfare the victories of our cultural strife are not always cut-and-dried, but often undeniable truths and misconceptions appear on both sides, especially with these organic origin debates. The fiery Weapon of Truth is a double-edge blade that indiscriminately cuts both ways. To dismiss discoveries of natural sciences that disagree with current or ancient understandings of Scripture- without investigating them properly and making necessary theological concessions in the name of Truth- is an act of obstinacy and defiance in which the God of Scriptures by no means calls believers to perform. This work cannot show a preference to any flawed religious organization, however honorable they may be. Scripture is compatible with all facts when separated from the errors of both religion and scientism. Many of us are gladly not religionists or naturalists, but we are biblical creationists who have searched far and wide to answer that our faith in Scripture is indeed justified, which means we must question all things in light of what we have discovered to be factual, be those things of science, religion, philosophy, ancient writings, etc.
Understanding the difference between justifiable biblical faith and errant religious beliefs is the key to our minority plight, for we exalt Judeo-Christian religions only for the core of truths that they were founded upon- the Holy Scriptures. When religions fall away into mysticism, errant theological traditions, or materialism, and away from the Scriptures, they have become enemies of Truth; they too must taste of the Sword of the Spirit as we maintain the faith and trust of the just. Sciences are imperfect, and so are religions with their beliefs, but we explore the mysteries of the Bible and in justified faith stand by it no matter the straying of others who call themselves by our name or seek to manipulate sciences against us. Faith is readily apparent in materialists’ origins-of-life scenarios and research, be it they admit it or not, and Bible-believers have faith in their denominational interpretations; but our Truth shows no regard for what we believe true when what we believe is established with misunderstandings and misconceptions- be they on the Divine Book or in misinterpretations of His natural works. 
Do we who uphold the integrity of Scriptures operate under mere delusions via the simple stories conveyed from our ancient faiths, whereas naturalists operate without compromise under the solidarity of complex facts and trusty data for their conclusions? Do we operate under mere societal myths and naturalists under meaningful scientific method? Or, is it possible that we operate under the realism of an ever-increasing record of biblical accuracy- one that mounts with historical confirmations of biblical archaeology and scientific evidences of Divine intelligence for His marvelous creations? Is it possible that the leading premise of natural philosophy is simply a repackaging of a millennia-old, materialist product, via another zombie science resurrection of their faith in a spontaneous generation of life- a theory that has consistently been denied, disproven, dismissed, and debunked over the centuries by some of the brightest minds of empirical research? Are Bible-believers truly on the side of hopeless pseudoscience with our biblical creation, whereas militant antitheists possess the primacy of facts with a better understanding of nature’s supposed awesome powers to create? Or are the clear distinctions that many of them posit, and their better understanding of empirical facts, simply fallacious façades perfected by effective propaganda, which have not been properly exposed as such? Is it indeed possible that naturalists have but amplified failed scientistic rhetoric and faulty presuppositions on our universal origin, having doubled downed on dubious dogma with their denials of doubts, to sustain the cult of neo-Darwinian dreams? 
To see the Truth requires entering a battlefield and considering the biblical worldview with proper interpretations of Scripture, where truths are not always cut-and-dried or quite as simple as they seem. Naturalism is an ideology and an ancient philosophy- a worldview held by its faithful proponents since ancient Babylon and exalted by Greek philosophers. Factual science, however, is a search for discernible truths, and it shows no regard for the unjustifiable demarcation attempts of naturalists who wish to exclude inferences and conclusions that point unapologetically to the purposeful designs of an intelligent Creator. Naturalism becomes unscientific when it credits powers to nature that defy the very limits of natural laws, and when it stubbornly denies the best conclusions and evidences that pointedly confess an intelligent Creator. Those who love Truth more than fantasy images of transforming beasts, which naturalists have created for their worldview, will find it, and Truth “shall set them free” from their bondage to a construct of conformity that binds them in the darkness of materialism, away from the Spirit.


In today’s secular humanist world, empathy can be shown from one Bible-believer to another if the one chooses to remain indifferent to our embattled beliefs of a purposive creation, for even inferences of design understood within the world and universe are censored as an argument in mainstream sciences.

We watch as secular judges give rulings with utter contempt for Holy Scripture, along with scornful refusals to allow comparative sciences supporting purposive designs in nature (e.g., Judge William Overton and Judge John E. Jones III). We watch painfully as universities become discouraged from reason as they cave to extreme pressures from militant evolution activists and groups that rage for censorship of reasonable scientific dissent and against academic freedom (e.g., Ball State University in Indian and Amarillo College in Texas). We find our First Amendment rights and academic liberties routinely cast aside for naturalists’ claims on explanations for everything in nature via the guise of “scientific authority.” Further, many philosophical materialists readily toss about caricaturing terms such as “ignorant” and “pseudoscience” quite casually to brand us, usually without doing any of the necessary homework on alternative interpretations of the facts and clear inferences in question. Thus, most Bible-believers are not enthusiastic to jump into the pre-stitched crazy suits that naturalists have already prepared for those who do not conform to their favored theories of material determinism.

But consider if science and science history are not truly on the side of Darwinists. Consider what an ordinary, Bible-believing Christian or Jew can do to defend God’s works in Genesis, if they but learn the facts and stand with solid reasoning. Consider the growing danger of allowing a science orthodoxy complete authoritarian control over what is being taught in nations as truths, making us but serfs of control-hungry, secular elites. Consider that naturalists receive government grants of tax-payer money to push their worldview and self-concocted fears, which in turn lead to economic and social policies that strip us of our individual rights and pick our personal pockets. Imagine what evils can come if ordinary people are remain intimidated by science media to stop questioning things and thinking for themselves, but are only allowed to surrender to secular education indoctrination or silent indifference, which is a major cause for the dumbing-down of the masses.
Consider legislation being proposed by politicians to charge a tax (taking your money) for every mile driven by commuters (paying for carbon footprints) under the mass hysteria of “climate change” pollution. This nonsense was first the hysteria of an encroaching “global cooling” (a new ice-age) in the 60s and 70s then revamped as a “global warming” threat in the warmer late 70s and early 80s. Now these science propagandists must embarrassingly call their scheme “climate change,” which is something that has occurred every single season since the dawning of the sun on the earliest atmosphere. With a little reasoning, it should be expected that the world has been warming since the last glacial age. But, interestingly enough, facts reveal that arctic glaciers are actually thicker and more expansive now than they were years ago, rather than melted as some government-funded scientists and globetrotting politicians had foolishly predicted. The polar bears of the arctic region yet live and fruitfully reproduce, despite warnings of extinction.
Still there are neither apologies nor concessions, for the sciences of today are being manipulated for political agendas. And their scientific fascism in Western culture has thoroughly-conditioned many people not to stand and question anything that takes refuge under the big banner of “science.” Indeed, we live in an age when propaganda has become more powerful than clear, contradicting evidences and even common sense. The climate change fanatics are even seeking prosecution for scientists who disagree. Thus, consider how much the West stands to lose if those who are most blind to biblical truths are left as the demigods of micromanagement for societies, all under the façade of true, scientific discovery. Consider the political correctness machine that they expect us to service with the grease of gratitude, since we do not hold them accountable for political propaganda. Consider how fear and scientific (and cultural progressive) correctness is used to trump existing laws as it creates unjust ones.
Science historians never looks back with a kind eye upon the reigning orthodoxies that censor challenging ideas and force unjust compliance on the agreeable masses, but science favors a bold world of thinking individuals from all walks of life, inspired by their Creator to reason over truths despite being at odds with consensus academics of any particular age. It matters not what unreasonable people today call us and our biblical beliefs as they censor our teachings, rebuttals, and ideas, for we each have our part to perform to shape today’s education for the betterment of tomorrow’s history. Thus, if this work on Divine time and symbolism is comprehended and believed reasonable by the faithful, then receive these timely corrections for scriptural truths as you stand with your Bibles, regardless of our enemies’ passing caricatures for us.
Pseudoscience is not necessarily that which challenges shaky pillars of ill-constructed, scientific suppositions and haughtily imposed norms of conformity, but more accurately that which remains obstinate and defiant in the face of surer foundations and better fact-fitting theories concluded from logical hypotheses. It matters not which theories were primordially established by admired primogenitors, or those hastily deemed most credible via the current community of thought with the partial data of research (and materialistic myths now available), but history honors that which pushes the obsolete back into oblivion, to the lowest peaks of the past, oftentimes when nobody is willing to stand with ones who struggle to bring new truths and the greater light of the facts forward in their day. As concluded by the world famous Christian astronomer Galileo Galilei, “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” Indeed, one armchair archaeologist or sideline scientist or starving student on the brink of discovery, who is more readily willing and able to recognize all the relevant facts, to fit them properly together and reveal them logically, has more academic value to future generations than so many of the honored Ivy League doctors of Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Oxford, and even from all the halls of the most prestigious universities, when such doctors decide for dissidence to remain oblivious to the correlations of facts and the conclusions they so tenably entail.
As believers, we do not idolize scientists or give honor beyond what is due, for in the spirit of humanity we are all scientists, born into this world to explore. We are all in heart historians, taking account of our places in history. We are all archaeologists by nature, digging up the world’s past and making our assessments on the times and ideas that came before us. There is no reason to dread or idolize those who hold conflicting ideas, because the Doctrines of God will prevail against the ever-faulty myths of straying humankind. We have no need to keep up with the Judge Joneses of the world to properly judge what is and is not true, for every judge and jury that have scornfully rebelled against biblical truths will indeed be held accountable in the higher court of Laws of our faithful God. The days of judicial tyranny and fascist progressivism will come to an end, and every lawyer, judge, politician, scientist, journalist, and materialist professor will be drug before the throne of God to give an account. Many have hated God and His truths and exalted themselves to alter the ancient fabrics of once-faithful societies, in marriage, in family, in God, and in justice; but our God will not hold the unrepentant guiltless of their manifold trespasses. Open judgment approaches.  

Those who believe in the God of Scripture and His Book should never feel shamed by blasphemers who osculate science to malign us and our Lord. If anything, we should feel a little righteous indignation and all the more zeal for biblical truths. The God of the Bible is the Maker of all things in which scientists and theorists explore. He walks in deeper depths than the smallest molecules and weaves macromolecules like yarn. The cells are His playhouses and tissues are His playgrounds. Organs and organ systems are from His brilliance and His love of design. All organisms in every supramolecular population, all present in every community and ecosystem of the planet’s biosphere, were encoded into existence for His purposes, to witness to His spiritual truths and laws. All His variations of life and their functions were more wonderfully inset than new programming in the greatest of today’s interactive internet games, since the keenest of programmers labor to imitate but a token world of His brilliance. He created all things for His own pleasure, for the oceans are His aquariums and tundra His icehouses; and we proclaim that He has loved this diverse planet and all its habitats in epochs, which He- not chance- has created. And it is guaranteed that He will do with them as He pleases as He continues to accomplish His mysterious objectives. Those who blaspheme Him until there is no longer a place for repentance will be awakened to shame before the heavenly host.

The Sword of the Spirit, PD Image
The Sword of the Spirit, PDI
Whether one believes our divine Creator introduced His peculiar organisms, all His unique species, in long ages or in short mortal days, neither can negate the fact of His obvious, purposive engineering. The time taken in His creating, and use of natural laws that He put in place, does not remove a timeless God from the intelligence of His wondrous designs. He is every bit the same God whether He worked for 14 billion years or 14 thousand. We can justifiably argue that bringing about such a magnificent world through billions of years only reinforces our realization that we serve in the purposes of an infinite Entity whose brilliant deeds are not dictated by the mandates of time- that He sets measurements of time in place to witness to Himself at appointed times of revelation, granting a foundation suitable to the limitations of mortal minds.
He is the Source of all matter that can neither be created nor destroyed, for all things did not have their origin in a void, but in He who is without beginning and end. Where there is an event called a “Beginning,” He is it, and He placed it in the midst of His timelessness; and where there is an event of an end, it is but another boundary set by Him in the midst of His infinity. What are billions of years in the sight of the Infinite One?
How long will the works of God be blasphemed in arrogance by those who believe that they possess a better understanding of life through the imperfect sciences? How long will secular universities be guided by the dictates of the greying damned and by those deemed unworthy of our Divine light? The Word of God is under assault in our classrooms, and the fools of the older generation of materialism have arisen to become the teachers and professors of the youth- that the new generations might blaspheme and scoff seven times more, completing their rebellion in a war that they mistakenly count as already won. They seek to break the faiths of the trusting youths of God, and even steal the joy from seasoned, old veterans of virtues. They mock the sure faiths of believers and ridicule the Word of God, which they do not understand. They fail to perceive that the Great Mystery of God is about to be released and that there will be no more time for them to solve it. The angel of the seventh trumpet will soon sound his alarm in the deep darkness of these renegade nights, yet the blasphemous world of today, particularly of the West, slumbers hard in ignorance and follies. As prophecies speak of our days, they openly look up and blaspheme the LORD of Heaven and Earth. And my God, the Lord Yah, God of the universe, has heard and looked down.
Then I felt a rumbling in my spirit and my patience running thin, burning me up like my Christ in zeal for the Lord; for the evil angels have set this whole House at rebellion. Then I saw the emerging Sword from my peripheral vision, beckoning for the Spirit to hurriedly unsheathe. My heart started fluttering, for these diabolical messengers of flesh and death have hastily insulted and denied my Lord on everything, from the origin of life through the distant eons of time. Indeed, they seek to press Him beyond the everlasting hills of holy Mount Zion, through the utmost stars of distant galaxies, even to the outward bounds of the universe; and I have foolishly and apologetically reasoned above my calling to defend the wonderful works of my God. Truly these truest of fools, who devise together to deny the Universal King, will be awakened soon enough to His great displeasure. To every direction, I know His magnificent Spirit sees, and His eyes are persistently set on the seal and entering His gate by way of the east. Assuredly, my Lord will soon triumph and bring down His enemies, and this I know, with little need of my archaic verbiage of words. This world will be filled with the science of our God- all His wonderful works confessing Him- as the waters of the seas. We may fail to bring Him glory and fall by the prophesied number, but He without doubt shall prevail.

The Sword the Revolves in All Directions for Truth, PD Image
The Sword Revolves in All Directions for Truth, PDI
And yet this steely blade is already ablaze, loosed from its lodging and whet for the wailing, and it begins to revolve in the palms of my hands. To the crying of the crafty it is set to abet, to set all things straight from the Genesis of God. On this narrow path they cannot pass, for the doorkeeper has been summoned from afar- to unleash an assault on the trespassers of paradise. My mockery is already moved from my heart to my mouth, and mind is already mindful to make muckrake of the mountebanks. I will not hold back nor seek to contain it, for fire comes forth from the Source of My God. Be strong and courageous you material gods, and assemble in the name of your sacred sciences. Show yourselves bold in academic consensus, and come out to battle this famous Sword, you doctors of death, if you seek to be pierced thru by the spear of these words. Make your last stance and be maligned by your lies, and assemble your facts as a witness. For I swear before the shining throne of my Lord YHVH- the Almighty- that you will soon be brought down from your mountains of blasphemy, and the glory of sciences will be given back in rightful possession of the blessed, with the tide turned back for the One who begot them. The facts of creation will now be set straight to prepare the way for the Lord of all life. And you- the doctors of death- will now be stripped bare and exposed for your arrogance and folly, as the children of God stick out their tongues, mocking you mountebanks who have so liberally taken license to mock. You are the straw man; you are the fall man; you are the scapegoat; and this I cannot in these writings deny. But you know who you are- the blackness of stars- and what by your hardness of hearts and purblind eyes you have purposed yourselves to become. So prepare yourselves for a slashing, for recompense to your constant abashing, for the Sword has been drawn to defeat, to dismiss, to outlast you:
“For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, and all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble. And the day which is coming shall burn them up,” says the LORD [YHVH] of hosts, “that will leave them neither root nor branch. But to you who fear [revere] My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go out [be freed] and grow fat [prosper] like stall-fed calves. You shall trample the wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this,” says the LORD of hosts. “Remember the Law [Torah] of Moses, My servant, which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse [utter destruction].” (Mal. 4:1-6) NKJV; intrpl. & emp. mine (NB: The corresponding Tanakh passage is Malachi Chapter 3.)
Who are more demented and diabolical than those who make God their enemy, and those who expend their energies to censor proclamations of His scriptural truths? Who have trespassed in the nefarious manner of those who have created their own transformer trees of life (TOLs), having consumed the corrupted fruits of nature determinism? These adversaries of Truth will be completely overcome by Bible-believers who learn the creation paradigm from the Law of Moses, for within the Torah is hidden the Great Mystery of our divine Maker. The tried and failed trees of the naturalists will be plucked up by their weak roots and burned-up by the Holy Spirit fires of refinement, but believers will perceive all things and eat the true fruits of the Tree of Life. All the branches of science- all disciplines- will be trimmed of their corruptions, and some will indeed be cut off by the Sword of the Spirit. Truly these lofty trees will become ashes under your feet, as the Lord has proclaimed, for the Word of God shall burn them up.
It is of the portents of our ancestral times, and of the oracles of our predecessors- of prophets, sages, apostles, and scribes long before us, that the LORD of Hosts would send forth His measurements in the last days of this age to restore all things, to the utter dismay of His enemies, for the truths of the coming Lord Messiah: the Cornerstone of our faith. All things, as they taught, would be measured upon Him, even the times in which we live and have our being. Similitudes were therefore released by the prophets with dark sayings of old, in parables and riddles, and such things were foretold to be revealed, although through the long passage of time this expectancy has faded from the light and must be learned anew in the language of God. This is what we seek to restore, even beyond the corporeal foundations that already profess His works.
The Framework For All Biblical Things, Restored
Framework For All Biblical Things, Restored

I stand at the bank among the multitude- seekers of His truths and watchers of the Word- who are ever-ready to cast down every yoke that seeks to bind us ignorance. We uphold our radiant Swords of Scripture in shining glory, and we will only be bound in accordance to our honorable and subordinate places in God and in the truths measured in His Word. To God and His revelations triumphant, we hold our allegiance still as we follow forward to clarity in search of His absolute truths. This is indeed the host of many camps, the humble creatures of the Maker, and these are the messengers who overrun the perimeters of Hell to stand against all that has arisen against Him- those who turn back the battle at the gate. 

For those who have bent natural truths in high academic places, we hold them in no regard, if only negligence, for in our understanding of life we seek and obtain only the crystal-clear waters which are measured in Christ and come forth from the Living God. We have the covenant of life and call all things into Divine account in the land of the living. As for this click of the cunning, the vehement blasphemers of our age, who in large numbers count it but a small thing to speak every evil against the God of Scripture and His glorious Messiah, to offend His true children for many generations with malicious mockery, it has been prophesied that an awakening would come to expose their every refuge of fallacy:
Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood we have hid ourselves; Therefore, thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone [Messiah], a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste [conclusions]. Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place. And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it. (Is. 28:15-18) KJV; intrpl. mine

What do these things mean for our times? This passage means that the Temple of spiritual truths will be measured with the Cornerstone of God’s work on the Earth. He is also the Plummetstone for measuring the foundation of times, like measuring the depths of water in a dark well by water left on the line. There is a line attached to our Rock, and the waters are measured to mark all His words. There is no place to hide from these measurements in light of the coming Messiah, for clear waters of God’s Word from Heaven will rain deep from a thick cloud of witnesses, and it comes as hard as hail on all who seek to hide from Truth, even down upon those who misplace their materialistic faiths in darkness and death.

The measuring lines of the times have now been sent forth, and these lines are measured according to the placement of the Messiah, looking to the Great Sabbath of His coming. This line does not run dry and these waters shall not cease, for even in the midst of trials by our adversaries, the faithful will be given verdicts of justification from the coming Judge. Though we may be among these blasphemers in the midst of their spiritual drought, when they arise to persecute all who prophesy in biblical truth, the oil of Ruach HaKodesh anointing and the nourishing meal of Tanakh and Brit Chadasha will persist in the Household of Faith, even unto the seventh time, when the Former and Latter Rain appears in the cloud as the Right Hand of God. Then all will know His messages are truths, with Divine measurements again confirmed.

Restoring the Ancient World, New Beginning
Restoring the Ancient World, New Beginning

Thus far, this Great Mystery being alluded to, with all its enigmatic concepts and biblical metaphors, written for spiritual believers, has not been discerned by the wakening world. The Divine line of measurements and its correlations to Messiah have yet to remove the veil. Nevertheless, the time for clarity of perception has come to our age. Now all peoples will perceive how the foundations of this world’s ages were structured upon the Word and works of our Creator. There will no longer be a place to hide from truths, not in sciences nor in religions, nor in indifference. When it is fully known, the Earth will indeed perceive that this is the age that the straying world of mortals meets its omniscient Maker.

Let us therefore journey together through this restorative work, all who are divided between two opinions- two claims on creation. And as in the days of old in Israel, let us assemble the Altar of Truth to restore many hearts. Naturalists have given their best shot for over a century to convince the world that material determinism is factual and can be credited for the emergence of every lifeform. Secularists have many governments on their side and have free rein in public schools, much like the false prophets of Baal in the days of old. Indeed they claim all of nature for their worldview. Yet their spontaneous generations of life have never been observed to occur, and neo-Darwinism has utterly failed the facts, hiding within the gaps. They rage in great numbers for their sacrifices in science, searching high and low for any and every sign that might strengthen their beliefs, but those who are not indoctrinated have been patiently studying the facts and awaiting a cosmology of absolute Truth.
So to this altar of testing we will add the Cornerstone of sacrifice for all of Israel, knowing that the true Creator can set ablaze fleshy altars with evidences. If the waters of the Word that we pour out around the sacrifice of Christ ignites, lit by the fire of the Holy Spirit and confessed on the altars of many hearts, then know that the God of the Bible, Elohim YHVH, is truly in control of nature. The assertion that I make is that God is the Creator, and therefore He is able to take back all things- showing that He has indeed done the works.
A fire from Heaven will soon rain down on the heart of a nation, burning from coast to coast in a furious flame of refinement, stirring the heavens with a whirlwind of fire. The sacred Sword of the Spirit is again unsheathed to slay every embraced ideology in obstinate opposition to the Living God. Truly its edges are even sharper than believers currently perceive. Truly His words are clearer than crystal, and they will soon be seen by His friends and enemies with opened eyes. These are spiritual things for spiritual believers learning the mysteries of God, but these things of Heaven and Earth will soon meet for plain understanding. 
The Sword of Scripture was forged in the everlasting fires of the Holy Spirit of God, crafted before its legendary manifestation in the Ten Commandments on the stones of Moses- a Decalogue of Divine decrees engraved by the Creator on Horeb of Sinai. Its metal was carefully crafted with shards of spiritual steel by the artisan angels of the High Command, in guidance of His holy throne for infinite perfection of its righteous and prophetic precepts. Beyond Eden of Genesis and before famous Abram- the father called from the land of Shinar and the cities of Chaldeans- it was first fashioned and sculptured without the casting words or molds of men. The Sword of the Spirit was brought forth in the heart of God before the ancient genealogies, purged instantly pure amid the grand assembly with the harmonious truths of the Most High. And in the righteousness of His holiness He unsheathed it upon ancient Egypt, and made haste to lay waste on the wicked ones of Assyrian bands. It was loosed beyond the captivity of Babylon and polished by the hearts of the children of the Almighty. This is the Sword lent to Gideon- the nourishment of loaves of Divine bread for His people- which fed justice to the children of Jacob and recompense to the many camps of His abominable adversaries. From holy Prophet Moses to John on the island of Patmos, this Sword was fully assembled from the steely words of the living Lord into the letters and languages fluent among mankind, that all hearts might know that Lord YHVH walks the wide world in the land of the living, and freely does His mighty and righteous deeds as He pleases. 
Judgments of the Law were at once set on its razor-sharp edge, and at its second edge is the beautiful grace for protection from the Mercy Seat of the Commander of Hosts. The Blade of our God is clothed in the red tint of a permanent stain, from piercing point to hilt by the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ- Yeshua haMashiach. From machaira to rhomphaia His blade has been drawn for our age and is readied for revealing in our rigorous plight against all lies. This tint does not fade; this Blade will never run; and these words will all be justified and fulfilled in their appointed times. I have seen the Blade pulled from the Rock by the invisible Holy Spirit, and in brightest I awoke from the vision fearfully amazed. Beyond the poetry, beyond all hype, there comes a reckoning for all, and the Spirit has indeed confirmed it.
This is the Sword every soldier of light is trained to handle by the hilt, to master at its blazing work, to give him or her strength to divide the doom of the darkest of nights by His glorious Light. This is the Word sent out to all of Jacob, which must be grasped before the fruits of the Tree of Everlasting Life can be reached by those who venture to return to the paradise Kingdom of God. Though this Sword has been called by many names; though it has been assembled in earthly nations through millenniums and various ancient empires; though its shards of truths have been employed in the divided words of many teachings of faiths; it will unite in one a perfected people of the Holy Spirit, even as the Sword of the Spirit is one from beginning to end, spanning the ages of God among us, in the works appointed to restore honor and justice among mankind. This Sword will neither falter nor fail amid its many felled foes on the battlefield of spiritual truths in our times. To strengthen the weak; to bring the joy and gladness and anointing to the valleys; to bring down every mountain which has united and exalted itself against the dutiful angels of our Holy God and Creator; this Sword makes a complete end to every haughty lie, to all hypocrisy, to every deception, and it will rest in a crystal-clear beauty with the invisible Holy Spirit of God- forever justified in His infinite magnificence. And for this it is prophesied, that “His name is called The Word of God,” and we- those of us who have determined to earnestly seek- shall follow the Word, clothed in enlightenment and mounted upon pure and righteous movements to reveal the truths as we follow. In zeal we follow, for we know our God.
Muddied doctrines, which the children have become accustomed to drinking, will be cleansed, for the Word of God will soon be crystal clear for the coming of Messiah. By the Holy Spirit, the Word will forge a people out of these Western lands for the Eastern arrival of our Lord of Lords, so help us God for His coming! And to Israel we will be gathered, with the faithful from the four corners of the world, as a buffer and protection on the outskirts of impending doom, saying to all of Israel, “Fear not, for this is the day of Salvation.” And so we will uphold these beacons of light and stand the line in a very dark night, for at the pinnacle of what is counted lost and bleak without hope by the nations will be the dawn of the Sun of Righteousness– the One who first enlightened the depths of our hearts.
Rejoice in this flood of truths, you who hear in these days, for I hear the sound of an abundance of rain. A tsunami of truths that was once held back is being released for the dawning day of the Sun of Righteousness. No longer will the people of the Lord falter between faulty opinions, between “science and religion.” The Truth will encompass the nations of Earth like the waters of the seas. And when the storm is over all will know the Word of our God. All will know that our God has broken the yoke of the oppressor and brought down the elites that have conspired against Him to change the fabric of ancient Judeo-Christian truths.
Indeed, corrupt leaders of the nations and sorcerers of bad science will be tried before the throne of the coming Messiah. It is only a short matter of time. These things were known long before the Judeo-Christian faith had begun to spread around the world, and they will each come to complete fruition. Do not fear the beasts of godlessness, of fascist popular opinion, for God has already declared that their rebellion will not stand beyond the appointed time.
Why do the nations rage [riot], and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His Anointed [Messiah], saying, “Let us break Their bonds in pieces [destroy connections] and cast away Their cords from us [secularize].” He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the LORD shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure: “Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion [Jerusalem].” “I will declare the decree: The LORD [YHVH] has said to Me [Messiah], ‘You are My Son, today I have begotten You. Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’” Now therefore, be wise, O kings; be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear [reverence], and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him. (Ps. 2) NKJV c. 1000 BC) intrpl. mine

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