A Reply to Paula Over the Status of Jorge Mario Bergoglio

By Levi

I just wanted to clarify that I do think that Francis is false for Christianity in many way, maybe even A false prophet. But I do not see him prophesy much or show any regard for prophecy. He may be more of a false Christian, considering that he does not preach redemption solely through Christ, and he seems to deny the divinity of God. Apparently, even the word “God” is not a term he likes, but he seems to think of an alien deity with a son and mother. His “New World Order” religion is a strange blend of communistic ideology, theistic evolution, ecumenicalism, self-motivational guruism, and more championing of leftist social ideas and propaganda- such as embracing homosexuals in marriage, accepting mas illegal immigration, climate change hysteria etc. He seems to see himself as a super social reformer, shaping Roman Catholicism to his own distorted worldview, bringing it from one form of evil to a new one. Indeed, he even celebrated the naming a city square in Rome after Catholic reformer Martin Luther, which is telling considering the papacy’s historical relationship  with its former, disgruntled priest. In my personal opinion, this pope (misnomer meaning father/papa) is what we would get if we took just about any confused college student off the socialist streets of San Francisco, who claims to be a Christian: just a completely incomprehensible bag of mental tricks mixed perhaps with weed and superb sounding nonsense. Rather than the False Prophet raging with wrath in Revelation, speaking like a dragon, this pope speaks like a social butterfly on acid, inhaling colorful balloons for fun and walking around on marshmallow clouds of communist ideas. He does not have two horns of power like a ram, but he regularly, underhandedly insults the cardinals and bishops under him (which they probably deserve). He thinks he has all the right answers, calling all who disagree with him “narcissists.” He pretends to be meek but unabashedly loves all the progressive media attention, taking selfies to post and basking in the false glory of praise from liberal magazines (even the Rolling Stones). He could easily be Barry Obama’s long lost brother, if he had also championed abortion.

Historically, the False Prophet can be seen in the false prophet Mohammad. Tell me of a false prophet who has gained so many followers, having an entirely false religion of over one billion? There may be a leader of Islam who arises to bring fire down from heaven to deceive, but he would be merely a new head on an old deception. Muslims are children of the original false prophet, and many of them will give their power to the international Beast. They do engage in fiery rage and speak death upon others as the Dragon/Satan. They do look deceptively religious like a lamb (playing victims) or a ram with two horns of power (Sunni & Shia). Muslims stood with Hitler when he sought to destroy Jews for his prophecy-of-providence millennium. They also gave their power to the losing side of W.W.I., and that alliance cost them the fall of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. The False Prophet of Revelation will fit more along the lines of an Iranian Ayatollah prophesying of destroying Israel and submitting the world to the “sword of Allah.” Unlike the popes who no longer have any real power over militaries and economies (only social pressure/religious influence), the children of the false prophet Mohammad have both, with power to bring down fire from heaven and make bright the arrows of war. Moreover, there is no doubt in my mind that the False Prophet of Revelation will be a new Mohammad, and indeed many Muslims believe that Mohammad will come back through his lineage, such as the Iranian belief in The 12th Imam– or perhaps the Mahdi. They are ripe for new rotten fruits, as seen via the rise of ISIS, and they desperately want a new caliphate or Ottoman Empire.

But it’s not as if the papal hierarchy has no role in Revelation. Its role for centuries has been the Harlot called “Babylon”- that commits adultery against God with the state leaders of the Western world, embracing their ways and cultures over God’s. The Bishop of Rome has long lost its power over the formerly Christian nations of “Christendom,” for true Christians no longer run the progressive nations. As the Muslim in the White House boasted years ago, whatever America now it, “It is no longer a Christian nation.” And Europe has long fallen from grace to embrace everything filthy and disgusting. Thus, the new papal head seeks but to buddy-up with the secular progressive Beast- a global movement of economic elites who hate true Judeo-Christianity and the biblical worldview. In Revelation we find that the Beast bitterly loathes the harlot that has ridden upon it and controlled it in past centuries, and together the Beast and False Prophet will trample her underfoot. They may make friendly with her for a mere moment as the Bishop of Rome champions the U.N. agenda and empowers socialism via vain religiously-laced rhetoric, but already we see the iron mixing with clay: the Islamification of the West. Thus, God calls His people out of Babylon, to not be partakers of her plagues. America, as a cultural entity, is only one of the daughters of the harlot (the “Mother of Harlots“), with worldly religions (even much of her Christianity) forsaking God and fornicating with the wicked and sick ways of the secular humanist world.

Simple and Plain: Who’s Who?

The Dragon: Satan, that old Serpent and ruler of the empires of this world, particular those over the Middle East which have historically sought to prevent God’s coming Kingdom in Israel

Antichrist: A boastful, secular progressive leader who arises from somewhere in Turkey, Syria, or southern/eastern Europe- the final head and last horn of power on the Beast Empire, whom the Dragon will empower as he honors the False Prophet nations

Beast: A European/Middle East empire much like ancient Rome, with powers of other ancient empires such as Babylon, Persia, and Greeks, mixed together like iron and clay

False Prophet: False religion of Islam, and probably a Muslim leader that can unite the two horns (Sunni and Shia) to add his power to the Antichrist/Beast, rages like the Dragon

Harlot Babylon: The adulterous Roman Catholic Church that for centuries rode upon the Roman Empire Beast, which no longer has power and will soon be tramped down by Islam/Europe

Daughters of Babylon: The straying churches and denominations in nations that formed under Western Catholicism and separated from her religion- particularly protestant denominations

False Jews of the Synagogue of Satan: Atheistic socialist/progressives/anti-Christian/anti-Israel “Jews” in political/banking/Hollywood/media/corporate America and parts of Europe, as can be seen in the A.C.L.U.

Two Witnesses: Moses and Elijah, with the two olive trees of Christianity and Jews who truly follow the Word and teach truths of the coming Kingdom the biblical prophecies- the persecuted and beheaded

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