“Have you ever wondered why God describes Babylon as a “mountain” remarkably and repeatedly in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and other prophetic books? Conspicuously, He called Babylon a mountain in relation to the end-times entity. You probably know that mountains represent exalted powers, difficult to move; thus, God is also likened to a Mountain in Daniel. Babylon, in Revelation, sits on seven hills or mountains, speaking of Rome. But have you considered that the Beast she rides represents all the worldly empires that have resisted God’s will for a glorious/holy Kingdom of Israel since ancient Babylon- Mediterranean empires that ruled over the Promised Land, even into the 7th millennial day?

Continuing along this train of thought, have you considered that God asks “Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [born of/in Babylon] you shall become a plain! He shall bring for the CAPSTONE [ender of Babylon, Messiah] with shout of ‘Grace, grace to it!’” (Zech. 4:7). Similarly, there is the passage about “every mountain and hill shall be brought low,” which related to John the Baptist/Elijah. Thus, the Lord taught Elijah in the cave that it will not be by might or power, but by His Spirit, as written in Zechariah concerning the “two sons of fresh oil” (anointed ones).

With all this in mind, and God showing me a cap roof that will stop the drilling of the great mountain towards heaven, saying, “NISAN!” and “so shall it be with the 112th,” does it bring the Malachy prophecy of the last pope to mind? It does for me. Now here is the meaning of Francis’s real name (Jorge Mario Bergoglio): Jorge means “earth-tender/farmer”; Mario (from Hebrew Mariam/Mary) means “bitter/rebellious”; and Berg means “mountain” while coglio means “oil/ointment.” “Francis tends the earthly, bitter and rebellious, as the priestly-anointed leader of the mountain/Babylon. He is the mountain of Babylon that is rebellion towards God, and he will be stopped for the coming of Messiah. This will not come by might or power, but by the Spirit, for who so ever says to this mountain, “Be removed and cast into the midst of the sea,” believing, so it shall be done (paraphrasing Messiah). Comparatively, there is a mountain that will be caught on fire and cast down in Revelation, and that mountain is Babylon. What is interesting is that Christ’s words about a mountain being removed from its place and cast into the sea seems to parallel His warning of anyone who offends a little one who comes to Him: It would be better if a millstone were hung around his neck and he was cast into the midst of the sea.

In the monk Malachy’s prophecy of 112 popes from his day to the last, the 112th is called “Peter the Roman.” This relates to Berg the Babylonian because Peter comes from petro/petra, meaning either a pebble or a large rock, cliff/mountain. Catholics claim there was no distinction in what Jesus said, and that the popes sit in the seat of Peter- the rock.”

I asked my friend if he would explain the symbol of drilling for this purpose. Here is his reply.

“As for the drilling, it was reverse, like one of those pictures of the Tower of Babel that has a winding road from the base to the top. This earthly drill drilled up out of the earth towards heaven- breaking the soil surrounding its expanding base, as if someone were drilling up from below the crust. I think the cap, like a cover to a cooking pot or skillet, represents the Lord ending the growth of Babylon, like the Capstone representing Christ in Zechariah. I’m not fully sure why there was a great shout “NISAN!” but I think it is because the Hebrews adopted that Babylonian term for their month when in Babylonian captivity, rather than Aviv. I also see significance in the fact that it was during this month that God brought a new beginning with the sacred calendar, making the 7th month the 1st month. He did so in preparation for the Exodus out of Egypt. Thus I understand the strong voice shouting “NISAN!” to mean that a mass exodus out of Babylon will accompany God capping and ending the movement of the papal religion. In the dream I felt enormous fear that the drill-like earthly tower could not be stopped, until God ended it. I had the dream over a decade ago, after praying if the Malachy prophecy of the 112 popes was correct. (Yes, I read of these types of things before most people had heard of them.)

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