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Many global afflictions would come, but utter destruction would be turned away from both Jews and Gentiles if they heeded Elijah’s (Eliyahu HaNavi) words, which would also be the good news (the Gospel) to Jews. Such is the reason that the Spirit compared the coming of the Lord on the third day to the dawning of the sun, for a new Day will dawn with the Sun of Righteousness as explained by Prophet Malachi, with healing in His wings. The light of many truths will awaken hearts for the Great Sabbath, even a nation of Jews for Messiah.


Some well-meaning Christian preachers who support the Jewish nation, such as John Hagee, have incoherent ideas on the “remnant” being saved; election only being of Jews; and those not “saved” burning in Hell for eternity. First of all, God must be just in all His weights and measurements, and an unjust punishment on any scale is an abomination to Him. God fully knows that if a man or woman lives for 60, 80, or 100 years, it would not be just for him or her to be tortured in eternal flames. Thus, the Messiah said we should fear Him who has the power to DESTROY both body and soul in Hell. The smoke of torture from the Apocalypse battle may ascend for ages upon ages, and some will have no Sabbath (or rest) with the elect- Gentiles and Jewish believers. But even death and Hell will be destroyed at the last judgment. There was a reason for the Messiah preaching the Gospel of Life to the dead in the prison of Hades before His resurrection, and it was not to leave them regretting that they had missed it. Rather, the Messiah has the keys of death and Hades, and He has the power to bring life, for believers to truly be born again. God is not the God of the dead but of the living, though many preachers look to death for Heaven, not understanding how the good things of the spiritual world come to pass on this Earth. What Paul meant by only a remnant being the elect or saved through the ages- e.g., Isaac over Ishmael, Jacob over Esau, and apostles and fewer Christian Jews over the greater nation that rejected Messiah- was that God chose them for His works and timely promises to be fulfilled, just as He has worked with Gentiles elected to do His will. Sadly, preachers like Hagee rejoice at the claim of receiving glorious new bodies, but they have no idea what this means, for the matrix of life in womanhood is forsaken for mysticism.


Nevertheless, election in no way means that God is finished with the rest. In all due respect, John Hagee may believe that he leads readers “to leap across the mountains peaks of history and then plunge into God’s prophetic future for Israel and the Jewish people,” but God has not shared His mysteries with him. Hagee was not appointed to restore (see Jerusalem Countdown; A Warning to the World, sect. 4, p. 123). In fact, the Battle of Gog and Magog is clearly after the Sabbath millennium, not preceding the Apocalypse and Antichrist (cf. Rev. 19:6-9), which Hagee has confused. I write about this not to diminish a zealous pastor but for Israelites who could mistake the exegeses of Hagee and others’ for God’s true New Covenant eschatology, as it relates to Jews. Indeed, the Jewish ancestors are not burning in Hell for all eternity. God outwits even mountain leapers of large stature to dwell with the meek who can learn His truth in the valleys. Apparently God would rather visit someone on his “pity pot” in a cave than attend a luxury cruise with a televangelist and his friends living it up.

Hence, this is the good news of Jews’ awaited atonement: When Jews who recognized Yeshua were pressed away and thus unable to rescue Him at His trial, an angry mob arose and exclaimed, “Let His blood be upon us and our children!” But God took this call for good and not for evil. What they meant for cruelty, God would use to save them at the end. For this is the love of my God YHVH, in accordance with all the precepts of the Law, that atonement would be given for this people, that all Israel would be saved for an appointed time. Beyond a remnant, a nation would be turned back in their hearts to the ancient truths. As per the Law of Moses and the Levites, Jews of old and today would be covered by the blood of the Father’s own Lamb for a New Covenant of their heart, according to their own words. In other words, what some Jews meant for evil, saying, “Let His blood be upon us and our children!” God counted for good in an everlasting covenant of Israel’s national atonement. And this is the mystery of the blood that confesses how all Israel shall be saved, according to the Law of covenants, and it is just because God Himself had blinded the hearts of the Jewish people to Messiah, that Gentiles might partake of the election, offering, and have hope for salvation.

Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read in the hearing of the people. And they said, “All that the LORD has said we will do, and be obedient.” And Moses took the blood, sprinkled it on the people, and said, “This is the blood of the covenant which the LORD has made with you according to all these words.” (Ex.24:7-8) NKJV; intrpl. mine

Before the Messiah came, God promised a New Covenant- which means a cutting agreement in blood- with the children of Israel, and with God covenantal blood must be sprinkled upon those agreeing, just as the Old Covenant was performed when Israelites came out of Egypt. The blood need not be literally sprinkled on them for spiritual truths, but an agreement was called for. And like the people whom God outwitted, the High Priest Caiaphas also confessed by Ruach HaKodesh with his own words in chastening the chief priests and the Pharisees, saying, “You know nothing at all, nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish” (see John 11:49-51). Moreover, even the Jewish priesthood agreed with God by their words.

Now this he did not say on his own authority; but being high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation, and not for that nation only, but also He would gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad. (John 11:51-52) NKJV

So indeed He was led like a sacrificial Lamb to the Pesach slaughter by the priesthood. And according to the Torah, as per the legal price to be paid to a master of a servant gored by a beast (cf. Ex. 21:32), or estate handler in his stead (cf. John 12:6), the priesthood paid thirty shekels (see Matt. 26:15) for the Roman (beastly) marring of the Servant of God. As the LORD explained through Zechariah, the poor of the flock of Israel were watching this and knew it was all from the Word of the LORD. And thus He said, “If it is good in your eyes, give me My wages,” and they reckoned His worth at thirty pieces of silver (cf. Zech. 11:11-12). Truly, all things were done according to the Spirit of Torah from shadows of ordinances to the greater Substance of fulfillment as designed, that a covenant continuously broken by the children of Israel might be renewed within their hearts, according to the promises given through the holy prophets concerning the Brit Chadasha. First to accept the covenant were a few Jews who went after the nation and then the lost tribes of Israel in the Gentile lands, and aliens, too, but then the nation of Jews (which consists mostly of Judah, Levi, and Benjamin) would accept the sacrifice of God for a national atonement:

“Behold, the days are coming,” says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah- not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them, says the LORD. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts [inward parts]; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (Jer. 31:31-33) NKJV; intrpl. mine

Thus, beyond the Messiah making atonement for Jews, His salvation would go out to the ends of the world, as God said through Prophet Isaiah: “Behold, My Servant shall deal prudently [prosper]; He shall be exalted and extolled and be very high. Just as many were astonished at you [suffering Jews], so His visage [bodily appearance] was marred [distorted] more than any man, and His form more than the sons of men; so shall He sprinkle many nations. Kings shall shut their mouths at Him; for what had not been told them they shall see. And what they had not heard they shall consider.” (See Isaiah 52, NKJV.) God willed for a worldwide redemption, and the sprinkling of His blood would be offered for atonement for all who would come to embrace the truths presented them. To Him kings and queens have bowed for almost two millennia, and through Him God atones the sins of the unjust and calls them back. God has many folds of sheep that will be joined as one flock for His Bride of all twelve tribes. And even for those without in other nations, God’s mercy is not relinquished.

So a plan was set in motion before the world-ages began, and while the evils that we humans do have continue on, the love of God is higher in wisdom than the rebellion set in mortal hearts. The prophets awaited a special day then long away, when Hebrew hearts would be turned back to God’s works through the Messiah, when fathers of the faith would be united with their offspring. So the Lord would gather the lost sheep of the whole House of Israel (cf. Matt. 10:6; 15:24; 18:11; Luke 19:10; John 18:9), both spiritually lost and those dispersed throughout the nations since the Assyrian captivity, c. 722 BC. And when the appointed time came, with the fullness of the Gentiles brought into the faith, then the Jews (or the House of Judah) would awaken to Messiah for the 3rd day, which is the Great Sabbath (see Rom. 11).

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